Inconsistencies in diversity reporting

I would like to add some important remarks to the Record’s series on diversity. First, in regards to faculty diversity, the Minority Coalition last spring sponsored a well-attended conference of Williams students, faculty, and administrators to discuss ways, means, and reasons to diversify the faculty and course offerings.  Out of that conference came many suggestions, including a desire for a centralized and improved resource center for departments to ensure that their candidate pool is as diverse as possible. Unfortunately, in the article on faculty diversity, this conference was not mentioned once.

This leads to my second point, namely, that the Record misspoke when it argued that its series is an attempt to “start a dialogue” on issues of diversity and community.  That dialogue has existed and continues to thrive in many formal and informal ways on this campus, and it is insulting to all the people who have worked so tirelessly on these questions to insinuate that the Record has the ability to “start” such a dialogue.  Verbs such as “enhance” “improve” or “extend” would have been much more appropriate.

Finally, I also found it problematic for the Record to print an opinions piece presenting a specific philosophy of diversity by one of its editors, in the first week of the series, without a countering opinions piece. Such a decision slanted the entire paper’s coverage and greatly damaged its credibility for this series.

Rory Kramer ’03

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