Diversity at Williams, Part 2

“Diversity” and “community” are both buzzwords one often hears in discussions about life at Williams. Indeed, building a diverse community is a stated goal of the College. Yet, what do those words really mean ? How does Williams try to achieve diversity in our community? Is our community actually diverse, and are we achieving its benefits? Why is it that honest dialogue about issues surrounding diversity and community happens so rarely?

Week 2:

  • MinCo’s Role

  • Black Experience

  • Religion on Campus

  • Being Gay at Williams

  • Uncomfortable Learning

    Week 1:

  • Affirmative Action

  • Increasing Faculty Diversity

  • Faculty Political Beliefs

  • What Is Diversity

  • International Students
  • Through our two week series, the Record hopes to start a dialogue on these questions. Obviously, there is no way, given the constraints of time and space we are working with, to address every aspect of diversity or component of community. Rather, we have tried to incorporate a number of different subjects into the series, all aimed at sparking discussion among students, faculty and staff.

    This week, we look at who is at Williams – both in the faculty and student body. Next week, we will look at the way our Williams community works once we get here. We hope the community will wrestle with these important issues; as always, we welcome opinions pieces, which can be submitted to record@williamsrecord.com.

    – Mike Needham, Editor-in-Chief

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