Accepting the prospective consequences of pacifism

Americans fortunately have the right to demonstrate and do what they can to get their government to serve their best interest. Those demonstrating for “Peace” are not unpatriotic. I do think that they are misinformed and have no plan to deal with the current situation in Iraq or elsewhere.

The “Peace” movement also has to acknowledge the results of their plan for not taking any action.

1. “Peace” rallies do “give aid and comfort” to Saddam Hussein. They help to reinforce his notion he is right and should not be interfered with. They also help to support his belief that the world, and that the U.S. in particular, do not have the will to stop him.

2. The “Peace” movement will also have to acknowledge the immense destruction that will take place in the future when the choice is to surrender or fight, if we are even in a position to fight.

3. There is also an undercurrent of anti-Semitism in the “Peace” movement as shown by their desire to destroy the state of Israel and the Jewish people who live there. Fortunately for the people of Israel, they have nuclear weapons and are willing to use them.

We will all have a tough time living with the great tragedy that will befall us if the “Peace” movement gets its way now, and we have to clean up the mess they have created two to four years from now.

I can live with my plan of action and its results. I hope that the “Peace” movement can do the same.

Colin McNaull ’60

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