One-in-2000 with Adam Ain

According to the facebook, you’re majoring in movies and chess and your department is “The Big Lebowski.” How did you pull that off?

Really? I think that’s my brother’s doing. He runs the facebook. Earlier, my dating status was “girls must like ‘Big Lebowski’ quotes.” I don’t play chess. I’m going to play Rugby.


Well, I’m going to play rugby this spring. It looks fun. I’ve done sports in the past. . . in high school. You know all those shirts that say Williams Basketball and Williams Soccer? I want to make a shirt that says, “Williams High School Athlete,” because I’m one of those people who was a decent athlete in high school, but then come here and I’m awful. But rugby should be fun.

Are you prepared to get the crap beaten out of you?

I think so. You know, I wrestled in high school, and that was painful at times. A lot of my friends were football players and that can be painful at times.

And I understand you’re also a basketball fan. Who does the discerning college basketball fan choose to win the NCAA tournament?

Arizona is the obvious pick. As a sleeper for the Final Four, you’re hearing it from me, right now, Dayton. Final Four. Also, I don’t think a Big 10 team is going to make it out of the first round. That’s a bold claim, but I’m willing to make it.

Do you have any other bold claims you’d like to make?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that “The Big Lebowski” is the best movie ever created.


It’s just so funny. The characters, outstanding. Bowling. I mean, what other movie’s based around bowling?


Good point. But “Kingpin” is not as good. The Dude, Walter, it’s all good. Three quarters of my away messages are quotes from the movie. For better or worse.

You say it’s the best movie ever. How would you compare it to a more critically acclaimed film, like “Schindler’s List?”

I actually make that comparison often. I’d say that they’re different, and yet the same. One’s more humorous, one’s more serious. But “The Big Lebowski” is serious at times, too.

Much in the way a Holocaust epic would be.

Sure. It’s a different kind of seriousness, also. Obviously, “Schindler’s List” was in black and white.

But not the girl in the red dress.

True. And there really is no specific girl in the red dress in “The Big Lebowski.” Actually, you might say that Bunny is the proverbial girl in the red dress. I wouldn’t say that.

You just did.

Well, actually, I’ll bring up an interesting quote from “The Big Lebowski,” about Nazis. Actually, I’m not gonna bring it up. But Nazis are mentioned in “The Big Lebowski,” though the bad guys turn out to just be nihilists.

Are there any other movies out there you’d compare to “The Big Lebowski?”

“Zoolander” deserves comparison.

But you’d say “The Big Lebowski” is better?

Yeah, I guess that could cause some controversy, but I’ll go with that. For my money, these are the best five movies. I should stop myself. These are five of the best comedies ever made: “Big Lebowski,” “Zoolander,” “Office Space,” “Dumb and Dumber” and the three “Austin Powers” films. And I’ll throw in “Wayne’s World” as a side plate.

That’s eight.

Well. . .

Head-to-head, “Zoolander” quotes would beat “Big Lebowski” quotes.

I think that’s a very bold claim.

You could say right now, “Put that in your article so people will know how funny I can be,” and it would be completely relevant to this interview.

Well, all “Big Lebowski” quotes are funny. Am I wrong? Am I wrong? See, you didn’t realize that was a quote.

Yeah, well. . .

You didn’t even realize it!

Yeah, but the problem is it’s not really a “Big Lebowski” quote. “Am I wrong” is just a common phrase.

You’re out of your element; “The Big Lebowski” is a better movie. See, “You’re out of your element,” that’s another “Big Lebowski” quote.

These are all common phrases. You just happen to think “The Big Lebowski’s” context is. . .

Shut the !#@$ up, Donnie!

Whereas “Zoolander”. . .

“Shut the !@#$ up, Donnie” – again from the same movie. But I’m going to agree with you on one thing. I don’t know if there’s a single quote in “The Big Lebowski” that matches up to this quote from “Zoolander:” [Does excellent impression of Hansel at the Model Awards].

You’re sitting here, you’re laughing about it; I don’t see you doing that for “Big Lebowski” quotes.

I didn’t do a good job backing that up, I see.

No, you didn’t.

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