Roseman, Kohut accept three-year contracts

In a letter to the College community, President Schapiro announced that Nancy Roseman, Dean of the College, and Tom Kohut, Dean of the Faculty, have both agreed to extend their respective terms by another three years. Schapiro cited the need for strong leadership and continuity as the College moves to implement its strategic plan as a reason for the reappointments. Roseman, associate professor of biology, will continue on as Dean of the College next year, and Kohut, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Professor of History, will begin his three-year term in 2004 after going on sabbatical next year. In Kohut’s absence, Bill Lenhart, A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Computer Science, will serve as Acting Dean of the Faculty. Lenhart has taught at the College since 1982 and has served as Chair of the Department of Computer Science and on other committees, including the Committee on Educational Policy, the Faculty Steering Committee, the Committee on Priorities and Resources and the Presidential Search Committee. Lenhart attended St. Joseph’s College for his undergraduate degree in mathematics and received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Dartmouth College.

When asked to comment on her reappointment, Roseman expressed a strong interest in continuing her involvement in the implementation of the ongoing major projects on campus.

“One reason that I initially agreed to be Dean was to have the opportunity to work with President Schapiro and be involved at this level during a time of change,” Roseman said.

“It is an exciting and very rewarding process to be a part of. Having begun to improve life outside the classroom, and being in the midst of the planning stages for the new student center, I felt strongly that I had to see these projects through. So, my initial reasons remain three years later; it is still fun and exciting to be part of a team that is making great progress towards changing and improving the College.”

Neither Lenhart nor Kohut could be reached for comment.

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