ACE, CC, security revamp social planning initiatives

During Winter Study, many Williams students find that they have more free time than they know what to do with.

All Campus Entertainment (ACE) and College Council (CC) have addressed this by both tweaking general party policy and providing the Williams community with a number of events and activitiesin which to participate this January.

To respond to campus demand for activities, CC has undertaken the responsibility of running Free University.

Often touted by the College’s brochures as a positive aspect of Winter Study, Free University’s continued existence has been threatened due to difficulty in finding yearly leadership.

As a result, CC decided that it was important to guarantee that Free University existed every Winter Study period, and therefore passed a bylaw ensuring that CC will be responsibile for its future organization.

“I think most students on campus would agree that Free University is simply too important to allow it to fail,”saidChing Ho’03.

Meanwhile, ACE has been working to reduce planning time for party hosts by developing a new online system for party registration. The new system should be in place within two weeks.

In the past, party registration was a complicated process that required significant effort. Party hosts were required to submit a paper form listing how much alcohol was to be served, how much food was to be served, and the names and signatures of the servers and peer monitors.

Problems with forged signatures were not uncommon, and people could change information entered on the form after obtaining the signatures.

The new method only requires that those who need to sign the forms log on to the security website ( and enter their Colrain login and password.

David Boyer, associate director of Security, explained that he wished to “take the running part out of it and use technology to benefit both students and ourselves.”

Though hosts still must speak with security in person, they need to send only three e-mails requesting signatures: one to the House Coordinator, one to the TIPS listserv and one to the Community Life Coordinator. These people can then log onto the website and give their approval to the party plan.

“Rather than taking a whole day to organize a party, a host needs to spend only half an hour to an hour doing it,” said Charles Danhof ’03, ACE’s Social and House Events Chairperson.

In addition to cutting planning time , the new system will also enable Security to easily collect data about parties taking place in a given week. This development will benefit long-term planning, especially concerning issues such as what time of year most parties occur and when the most security officers are needed.

Additionally, online plans make it easier for Security to share information with the Health Center and to ensure that parties continue to be run safely.

ACE has also been organizing campus-wide events, such as Williams Dating Week, which is currently underway. This series of events will culminate with a formal party, the Snow Ball, on Friday. The event, which will be held at the Williams Inn, is expected to be widely attended, and tickets go on sale this week.

There will also be a dance at the Log on Thursday night, and a “Date Auction” at Goodrich on Saturday.

In addition, ACE is working on the Winter Carnival, which will go from Feb. 13 through Feb. 16. Members are working in conjunction with the Williams Outing Club and the ski team. Different outdoor events are to be held during the day, with several parties planned for the evenings.

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