Letters: New Baxter Forums

The “New Baxter” is the single most important building that this campus will ever see. Any concern, complaint or question regarding student common spaces and social programming on campus is answered with the same reply:  “The New Baxter will take care of that.” We believe it.  A new student center is exactly what this campus needs.  Here’s the problem.  Most people reading this letter will have departed this purple paradise by the time the building is built.  The issues that Baxter is going to address are real problems, and the fact that they will be solved in three or four years does not stop the rest of us from trying to find interim solutions.

As part of our winter study project, we are investigating how those of us who will not see the new Baxter, and more importantly those of us who will be here for years without any Baxter, can use the spaces that we have on campus to satisfy our social needs.  We are interested in what everyone has to say.  Whether your ideas involve programming changes, simply moving a few couches around in Goodrich, or putting a couple of benches on Baxter Lawn, we want to hear from you because we strongly believe that actively solving these problems can allow us to maintain the comfort and calmness of the Berkshires, while providing more of the options available to students at larger universities.

Check the Daily Advisor and Daily Messages in the next couple of days to find out about our forums and online survey and please e-mail us if you have ideas or want to know more about our project. Too often this campus is groomed for the 9-5 visitors (whose tours conveniently avoid Lehman and neglect to mention that the only place open after the sun has set is the snack bar). We would like your help in making this campus serve the diverse needs of the students and faculty who make up our community.


Josh Earn (04jae) and Elliot Morrison (04edm)

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