Choral events deserve recognition

What sort of event has filled every available seat in Chapin Hall? What is so popular that it can fill Thompson Chapel twice to capacity in the same day? Madeline Albright? Ben Folds?

How about the Williams College Concert Choir?

Three years ago, none of the choir members would have believed it. Last Friday night, however, Thompson Chapel was filled to its fullest capacity by fellow Williams students, faculty and community members. The turnout for the concert attracted over two hundred people, all touched and amazed at the passionate music of the 90 students under the direction of Brad Wells.

Why, then, was such a successful concert briefly condensed into a photo and caption banished to the back of the Record Arts section?

This is not the first time I have been disappointed by the Record’s failure to review choral events on campus. The Mozart’s Requiem concert last spring attracted so many people that the line to get inside wound around the entirety of Chapin. Yet the Record could not find someone willing to cover it and, in the end, a member of the choir was forced to write the article. Two weeks ago, Chamber Choir’s concert in the WCMA’s rotunda was ignored completely.

While we spend pages detailing the highlights of each sports team, it is equally as warranted that the musical groups on campus receive the recognition that they deserve. Athletes display their talents weekly; we musicians only get to showcase our work once or twice a semester. Moreover, the number of students involved in choir rivals the number of football players. The overwhelming support from our own fans verifies the importance and enthusiasm for music on campus.

The Record ought to make a better effort to feature student performances at Williams College before reviewing Dave Mathews or Eminem’s recent movie (which we can’t see at Images anyway). Such amazing concerts cannot be brushed over in our campus newspaper; too many talented students have worked tremendously hard.

Williams is as musically talented as it is academically and athletically. I encourage the Record in the future to make reviews of musical events at Williams College a priority.

Sarah Croft ’04

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