One in 2000

Evelyn Mahony ’03

Dorm Brooks 203

Home Hanover, MA

Music Chicago and Rod Stewart

Julia, I brought you a present!

What did you bring me? Give it to me.

It’s an application to work at Friendly’s!

Oh, you must know about my senior year grades. Thank you. I will be needing this after this semester.

The application asks, and I too wonder, would you be willing to relocate for Friendly’s?

No. I would not. I hands down prefer the North Adams location. But thanks for the application. It might be one of the best presents I have ever gotten. With the holiday season coming up I think that’s an appropriate first question for you: what’s the best present you have ever received?

Sophomore year in high school I had this new boyfriend and Christmas was coming up, and I was really excited to see what he would get me. He ended up getting me this sweater, but not just any sweater. This one was from Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant is a retail-clothing store for “full-figured women.”

Sizes 20-36?

Yes, I believe so. Anyway, at that time I was pretty peeved about this gift. He told me that he thought it was a store for “womanly women” and that it was a “sophisticated place to shop.”

He didn’t notice that some of the clothes were the size of parachutes? Okay I need to shut up and not make fun of Lane Bryant shoppers.

Yeah. But it’s funny.

So you’re in Dance Company, tell me about that.

I don’t have anything that interesting to say about Dance Company.

Okay, fine. But you have to tell me something funny and Williams College related, we cannot exclusively discuss your early high school years.

I can tell you about my special relationship with the Health Center. I used to live there freshman year after I broke my arm playing rugby against those (expletive) Amherst (expletives). I had to have surgery on my arm and they gave me these painkillers that I was allergic to, so I lived in the Health Center for a week vomiting constantly with a broken arm. When people came to visit me they told me I looked pretty scary, but that was okay because I just vomited on them, and they ran away.

So that’s your interesting relationship with the Health Center? You broke your arm and vomited on your doting visitors?

No, it gets more interesting. Sophomore year I had to go to the Health Center for an alcohol-related situation and the woman behind the desk asked me, “Have you ever been to the Health Center before?” To which I responded, “Yes, I lived here freshman year.” She of course became very confused because she meant for alcohol, while I meant for my broken arm.

When you lived in the Health Center could you bring all your stuff there, your TV and music and such? I actually hope you did not bring your music with you, because I hear from your freshman year roommate that your taste in music is questionable.

Yes, my freshman year roommate once busted in on me sitting at my computer singing along to Atlantic Star’s “I Found A Masterpiece in You.”

What type of music do you like best?

Adult contemporary really is my thing.

What would be an example of an adult contemporary artist? Would Rod Stewart count?

I knew you were going to say Rod Stewart! He is such a central figure to the adult contemporary musical genre. I, however, prefer Chicago.

Barbara Walters has a thing for Rod Stewart too. She talks about it frequently on her show, “The View.”

“The View” is such a great show.

I figured if you liked adult contemporary music, you would also be a fan of “The View.”

I never have a chance to watch “The View.”

They actually show repeats on Lifetime, the women’s network, in case you miss it and want to catch it later in the day.

I have strange television watching habits. My parents loved me very much and wanted to instill good values in me, so I only got to watch PBS growing up.

Didn’t “Mr. Rogers” and “Sesame Street” get old after a while?

Oh no, when I got older I moved on from that to “Square One” which had the ever-fun “Mathnet.” It was a detective story where they used their math skills to solve crimes! “3-2-1 Contact” was on. . .

Do you realize that these programs aren’t exactly geared towards a teenage audience?

Yes, and I did find it a bit limiting in my social interactions. That’s how I turned out the way I did, I guess. Although I have changed a lot, I hope, since I got here freshman year.

What entry did you live in freshman year?

Sage E, and Katie Gortz ’03, Irene Yoon ’03 and myself had the largest common room in the Frosh Quad. We had a collection of Thanksgiving-type gourds. My mother sent me some, and we picked some more up at Stop-N-Shop. But then we wound up using the collection as projectiles to launch from our third floor window.

I bet your mom didn’t send you those gourds! I bet you stole them from Dining Services’ Harvest Dinner decorations!

No, because someone in our entry was sternly reprimanded for stealing from Harvest Dinner, so we knew better. Also, in our common room we had the “Taboo Word List.”

I fear this might be too naughty for the Record.

They weren’t all expletives, it was a combination of expletives and words that personally would make us scream and run away.

I would like to hear some printable examples of taboo words.

Well there was “moist,” which particularly offended Katie. Then there was also “bulge,” “petroleum jelly” and “panties.” I think those might be the only printable ones. We also had a “spy window” in our common room we could use to look down on the Frosh Quad!

You realize that pretty much any window not on the Park Street side of the Frosh Quad could then be considered a “spy window.” Were you just particularly stealth-like sitting up in your common room window?

Hey, it wasn’t us. It was mostly Eliza Myrie ’03.

Way to name names. Anyways, did you really fill out a Friendly’s application yourself?

No. Not yet, but then again I only started looking for jobs on Friday.

Did you know that on the Williams College job-net there is a posting to be a Pepsi delivery person?

I haven’t really contemplated delivery careers yet, but that is next on the list.

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