Williams Voting Initiative Disorganized

The Williams Voting Inititiave (WVI) tabling in Baxter seemed like a great idea.  It provided students a much appreciated chance to register for absentee ballots without going to their local town halls.  It was a wonderful opportunity, and many people signed up.

I have one question, though – where is my ballot? I realize that there could have been unforeseen complications, but as Election Day got closer and closer I had received no news. Every day, I thought “maybe tomorrow.” Now Election Day has come and passed, and no ballot is in sight. Because I signed up through WVI, I did not visit my town hall or register in Williamstown, so I cannot vote.

I am very disappointed that WVI did not fulfill its promise to arrange for the arrival of an absentee ballot. What bothers me much more, though, is that no one informed me that there had been a problem.

If someone had told me, I could have at least tried to straighten out the situation. I have learned my lesson from this experience and will certainly not put my faith in a campus group again.

Mark Esposito ’05

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