Ad printing wrong

We, the undersigned Williams faculty, wish to register our dismay at the actions of the editors of The Williams Record and the subsequent pain caused to members of our community. The David Horowitz book advertisement in the October 29 issue contains the sort of racial and religious bigotry and hatred that should have no place on this campus.

This is not a first amendment issue. The Record clearly had the right to publish this advertisement. But the Record also had a right to publish it with a comment, or not to publish it at all. We are disappointed that they made a choice that caused the student newspaper to be used as an instrument to spread hatred and bigotry.

Not surprisingly, many students and staff members were personally hurt by this hatred. This is especially regrettable in a community that works hard to welcome those of all races and religions. We agree with last week’s letter to the editor by Lynch, Coran, Spalding, Darrow and Kraus that “Hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric poison the public sphere, and subtly censor victims by frightening them from participating in the arena of public discourse.”

Finally, we are especially disappointed that the editors refused to take responsibility for their actions in the editorial in the Nov. 5 issue and instead blamed the campus community for its weak support of Muslim students. As they state in the last line of their editorial “. . . it is clear that our community is not living up to the standards that should be expected at an elite institution.” We ask that they live up to these standards.

Kim Bruce, Department of Computer Science

Denise Buell, Department of Religion

Ronadh Cox, Department of Geosciences

Kathryn Kent, Department of English

James Robson, Department of Religion

Roger Kittleson, Department of History

Sabrina Hamilton, Department of Theater

Regina Kunzel, Department of History

Liza Johnson, Department of Art

Alison Case, Department of English

Monique Deveaux, Department of Political Science

David L. Smith, Department of English

Steve Tifft, Deparment of English

Jana Sawicki, Department of Philosophy

David Eppel, Department of Theater

Cathy Silber, Department of Asian Studies

Chris Pye, Department of English

Robert Bell, Department of English

Stefanie Solum, Department of Art

Kai Lee, Center for Environmental Studies

Meredith Hoppin, Department of Classics

Helga Druxes, Department of German and Russian

Mark Reinhardt, Department of Political Science

Rick Spalding, Chaplain of the College

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