WWRFC battles against brutish Amherst ruggers

There were no purple mohawks this time, but the brutes from amHerst proved again why they belong in a zoo. It began with cars decorated with window paint with original slogans such as “Williams sucks”. To add to the mayhem, amHerst released a wild cow onto the field to taunt the White Dawgs.

The game began as it always does with an awesome kick that penetrated deep into the amHerst side, putting Williams into scoring position.

A penalty kick made by the White Dawgs’ Rachel Barr ’06 was called off and the first three points of the match were taken away. The WWRFC regrouped and prepared to assault amHerst again.

AmHerst sent a kick to the Williams line and it was returned with fury. Tamika Murray ’03 and Annie Snodgrass ’05 ran as hard as they work. Murray ran like she was raising money to pay her phone bill while Snodgrass verified how with double practices of hockey and rugby she still fails to tire.

The scrum wanted in on some of the glory and showed those on the sidelines why they are one of the best defensive scrums in the division. Denise “I love my scrum cap” Nunes ’05, Lauren “Georgia’s Finest” Flinn ’03 and Denver “Play My Game” Brown ’04 helped in driving the White Dawg scrum over the weak amHerst side. Their hard pushes and drives gained many yards for Williams.

Nigina “Chocolate Lover” Turnbull ’04, Isabel “Scared as Hell” Stone ’05 and Antoinette “Weirdest Hats Ever” Wilson ’04 tied up several balls in mauls giving Williams possession of the ball.

Flanker Katie “Erino This” Gortz ’03 showed why physical fitness is essential to the game. She made several tackles in succession, aiding in turning the ball over to the White Dawgs. Vicki Bock ’04 also made huge runs, tackles and blocks demonstrating why “everything is bigger in Texas.”

The valiant scrum captain Jen “Seeing Stars” Foss-Feig ’04 made several great runs and strips of the ball. Even though she sustained an injury during the game, she refused to leave the team, and joined in with the other crazed supporters in voiciferously cheering on the WWRFC.

The line came roaring back up the field attempting to break into the amHerst try zone. Angelica “it’s just a scratch” Rodriguez ’05, Johanna “Beverage Toss” Rodriguez ’04 and Carlyle “One Sport is Not Enough” Massey ’04 made magnificent runs, tearing through any hole they saw in the amHerst defense.

If amHerst happened to try and push back with a kick, it was immediately returned by kickers Kristen “Not Easy to Take Down” Lacey ’04 and the only girl who can cross a field with her kick, Rachel Barr ’06.

The White Dawgs confirmed why they were number one in their division. The two strong sides let in only a limited amount of points throughout the season. Everyone played phenomenally.

The team would like to extend its thanks to all the supporters who came down and stood in the rain, wind and cold to watch the WWRFC.

Thanks to our coach – we hope to find more crazy ways to dress you up next fall. It has truly been a wonderful season. Worst to first, savor the feeling! Go White Dawgs!

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