OCC editorial faulty

In the Record’s editorial last week, “OCC must refine mission,” you write that students have criticized OCC staff members for “missing spelling errors in resumes and not being able to offer any help with application essays,” and you add that “This is simply unacceptable.”

I too am shocked, shocked!!!! Indeed, the mission of OCC should be “refined” so that staff members teach students how to spell and proof-read what they write. Apparently students haven’t learned this in four years at Williams, and it is now the responsibility of the OCC to complete their elementary school education. I also note that in an article on the front page of that same issue of the Record, there is a headline “Sorenson talk centers on JFK’s leadership.” Both the headline writer and the author spell Mr. Sorensen’s name incorrectly. Is that too the fault of OCC? Perhaps a little self-criticism on the part of students might not be unseasonable.

Susan Dunn

Professor of Romance Languages

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