Greensense thanks Volpi for composting

On behalf of Greensense, we would like to thank Dining Services Director Bob Volpi and express our gratitude for his success in reinstating composting at Williams and placing it under Dining Services’ jurisdiction.

It is a tremendous contribution to the campus, and we truly appreciate the work he has put into the project.

Since coming to Williams, he has been courteous, generous and innovative in his interactions with students; his willingness to both move quickly and take an active role is refreshing. His receptivity to environmentally-friendly planning will have a long-lasting impact here.

Once again, the members of Greensense would like to extend their thanks for his efforts in sustaining the composting project here at Williams.

His initiative has been exemplary, and we look forward to working with him in the future.


Jocelyn Gardner ’05

Kristin Hunter-Thomson ’03

Briana Halpin ’04

Malin Pinsky ’03

Carlos Silva ’04

Marissa Doran ’05

Sarah Klionsky ’03

Jacob Eisler ’04

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