WWRFC holds the competition at bay, turns eye to playoffs

The last official home game of the season for the WWRFC White Dawgs began with a double dosage of trouble from the A-side line and scrum. So eerie were the connections that the White Dawgs made on the pitch that it caused UConn to fall to the Dawgs without scoring a single try. The cloudy sky that loomed overhead forecasted what supernatural events would occur on the pitch sandwiched between WUFO games on either side.

The match began with a Puerto Rican connection between Angelica Rodriguez ’05 and Johanna Rodriguez ’04 as they both had to break through the wind in order to get the balls out to the White Dawgs line, where Annie Snodgrass ’05 received the ball and scored a try within the first five minutes of the game.

UConn tried to answer back by creeping into the White Dawgs’ try zone, but Rachel Barr ’06 and Kristen Lacey ’04 had the power of the Clifford snacks behind them to kick the ball up the field, crushing UConn’s dream of seeing that part of the field for the rest of the game.

The uncanny events continued as the White Dawgs line defense teamed up to ensure that UConn would not be able to score. Carlyle Massey ’04 “almost killed” a girl when she tackled her. On the other hand, Tamika Murray ’03 didn’t kill anyone, but made awesome last minute tackles that prevented the Huskies from scoring.

Katie Gortz ’03 and Victoria Bock ’04 also provided key defense, donning knee pads to ensure that they weren’t hurt when making their great runs and tackles. The marshmallow knees duo held off the UConn players and almost scored several tries, only for the ball to be held up in the try zone by the Husky girls.

On the offensive side of the ball, Lauren Flinn ’03 and Antoinette Wilson ’04 stole the ball nicely in scrum downs and line outs, respectively, giving the White Dawgs possession of the ball in good field position.

Both were given plenty of practice in stealing by high-jacking decor for Flinn’s apartment the week before. The rucking, mauling, and stripping second rows Jen “Fresh Meat” Foss-Feig ’04 and Nigina Turnbull ’04 were similarly all over the ball.

The always-amazing duo of Denver Brown ’04 and Denise Nunes ’05 teamed up once again to make amazing runs. The double Ds ran the ball all over the UConn defense and gave the White Dawgs a favorable field advantage.

Their teamwork exemplified the unexpected and unexplained connections the White Dawgs made as a team this week, which contributed to the win. Maybe the Dawgs’ connections and victory was helped by the closing of Rugby Goddess week, or maybe it was just all a full moon coincidence.

The B-side was also eager to give UConn a taste of what they were made of. It began with a run upfield made by Courtney “I Love NyQuil” Gordon ’05, who handed it off to Emily Lample ’05. Lample ran the ball in to score not only the first try of the game, but also of her rookie season.

The scrum aided in several crucial defense moments. Izzi Stone ’05 and LaShawn Mays ’03 made some critical tackles, preventing UConn from gaining much ground, while Nicole Perkins ’05 and Beth Mulligan ’05 teamed up to take down the UConn girls one by one as they tried to enter into the White Dawgs’ try zone. Of course, they only managed to do so once – a strong effort from the B-side yielded a draw.

The A-side was composed of both A-side and B-side players (known as B-Prime) who then took to the pitch in tandem to face off against Bentley College. The game began with several great runs, nearing the Dawgs to the Bentley try zone – Massey, making her debut at fly half, received an excellent pass from scrum half debutante Denver Brown ’04 to bring the White Dawgs even closer to their first try.

Runs by Winch, Fernandez and Vivian Djen ’05, and a kick by Barr helped to send the ball back down the field after a Bentley clearance. Gordon followed up with a nice effort, but the final push into the try zone was made by Charlette Steed ’04, a rookie try that opened up a seven point gap that would lead to a Williams win.

The victory, as well of the rest of the games, proved to be excellent preparation for the upcoming playoffs, where the White Dawgs will defend their top division ranking and continue to prove their merit.

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