Thanks to the CLCs, Dean’s Office

I want to thank the Dean’s office and everyone else involved in implementing and hiring the new CLCs. Even though they have just started here and their roles are still being defined, they have already made a definite positive difference.

They are all wonderful, enthusiastic people, which I suppose everyone expected from the beginning. However, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the immediate impact they have made here in such a short time span.

I have seen them all over campus in many different roles, and in every capacity, they are incredibly hardworking; even visionary isn’t too strong a word to use to describe the CLCs. They are truly committed to making this campus a better place for us to live and work. It’s really nice to have young people around that understand our lives but who also have some sort of administrative role to implement changes. It’s wonderful to have these unique resources available to us, ready to help with any problems or concerns we might have. So, thanks to the CLCs for being so fantastic, and thanks also to the people who brought them here!

Dani Lerro ’05

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