Student activism not receiving publicity

In response to Maryam Elahi’s (’83) opinions piece “Remembering Student Activism” in the October 8, 2002 Record, we would like to assert that there is a small but impassioned presence of student activists at Williams.

For example, though the Record declined to cover it, eleven Williams students drove to Middlebury a week and a half ago to protest the war in Iraq (the Record claimed that this did not affect Williams students). The group included members of the Student Global AIDS Campaign, Students for Social Justice, and other concerned individuals. They joined fifteen hundred Middlebury students, Vermont families, church groups and veterans associations in a peaceful protest. The protesters marched from the town green to the school chapel where Ari Fleischer was receiving a distinguished alumnus award. Despite several hours of rain, protesters remained through the end of Fleischer’s speech, which was broadcast outside the chapel.

Although the protest was not on Williams’ campus, it still has relevance to our community. Part of activism is speaking truth to power figures and taking one’s message to those that have the ability to make changes. Events like this are taking place all around us; it is important that Williams students be conscious of the opportunities to be involved in them.

We hope that the Record takes the responsibility to cover future student activism, including this week’s National March on Washington D.C.

Thank you.


Meagan Bossong ’05

Erica Dwyer ’03

Liz Kaplan ’04

Joe Hutchinson ’06

Binney McCague ’03

Anne Snodgrass ’05

Brigitte Teissedre ’03

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