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Last week was one of the most ridiculous weeks of my three-plus year tenure here at Williams. The week started off with an exam on Monday which was followed nicely by an exam on Tuesday, both of which were absolutely absurd. I don’t really get it – no matter how much you study, it only seems to be 80% of what you actually needed to study. Anyway, all was not lost and the week got a lot better; you see on Wednesday I am in class from 10 in the morning straight until four in the afternoon.

Most weeks this wouldn’t matter, but I still had two seven-page papers due, one on Thursday and one on Friday. The weekend only brought me a quick reprieve from the work because I had a take-home exam due on Monday morning. Imagine trying to get this all done when there is just constant sports on TV. It is absolutely impossible. This is why I think we need to rethink this whole winter-study thing and change it to October-study.

Just like the rest of you, I came to Williams to get a great education at one of the finest colleges in the country. This is becoming increasingly impossible with every day that passes in October. Seriously, think about what happened last week. For starters, neither Randy Johnson nor Curt Shilling could guide their team to victory, paving the way for the St. Louis Cardinals’ sweep of the defending champion Arizona Diamondbacks. On Saturday, Williams College went 4-0 on the athletic fields for the second strait weekend. Even though preseason all-American Johnny Kelly ’03 fumbled twice in the game, our football team improved their winning streak to 11 straight games, which in and of itself is an amazing feat.

As if that wasn’t enough, Saturday evening provided maybe the best form of entertainment yet. The Yankees lost! Yes, the Yankees lost an American League Divisional Series to the Anaheim Angels. There haven’t been as many noise complaints in Boston as there were on Saturday since last February when the Patriots (a team we will get to in a minute) won the Super Bowl. Seriously, how happy did that make you feel? To see the Yankees lose to the Angels was like seeing a modern-day version of David and Goliath. I am surprised that our distinguished alum George Steinbrenner didn’t fire Joe Torre on the plane back to La Guardia. I guess he just figures he will raise his payroll to $200 million to try and buy another championship, but at least they made it to the postseason – right Boston?

And how about those Minnesota Twins? This was a team that was on the verge of being contracted by Major League Baseball and is now playing for the American League Pennant. Furthermore, they have a payroll that is a quarter the size of that owned by the boys in the Bronx, which in itself is enough has to bring a smile to your face. Unfortunately, the majority of us won’t be able to see it all play out considering that we all have midterms coming up, but I am sure Eric Dayton ’03 will let us all know about it.

When Saturday comes to an end that doesn’t mean that the sports stop, however; indeed, Sundays during the fall may be the greatest day in the week, except for two weeks ago, of course, when the Redskins had a bye-week. What else could be better than eating wings and pizza while watching the Patriots lose? Nothing makes me happier except for eating wings and pizza while watching the Giants lose. The day becomes that much better when the most storied franchise in sports takes the field and completely dominates their opponent as the Washington Redskins did when the beat the Tennessee Titans 31-14 in Nashville.

How great would it be to only have class three times a week, especially seeing as how the NHL starts tomorrow night? Only having class three times a week would be absolutely outrageous considering that the NBA starts in two weeks and college basketball starts practice on Saturday. Who knows, maybe President Schapiro will read this and take me up on it, but my hunch is that this will probably not happen. So I guess throughout October I will be sitting, studying and just sitting at home, but I guess it won’t be that bad considering that I won’t be the only one – after all, so will the Yankees.

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