Letter: Problems beyond the men’s hockey tean

Upon reading Joel Hebert’s letter to the editor last week (“Hockey Team Needs to Own Up to Actions”), I thought to myself, “Darnit, he’s right.” The hockey team is a “cancer” to the Williams campus; they are a bunch of “jerks.” But why stop there, I thought? Surely there must be other cancers infecting this campus.

I have spoken with several female students on this campus who have horror stories about drunken males trying to force them into compromising positions. Some of these males were indeed hockey players. A number of them were football players, some were lacrosse players, some were legacies and some were guys who participate in, well, nothing.

Then there was an incident in the fall of 2001 which affected me personally. While walking across the freshman quad, I was struck by a water balloon. The perpetrators of this act were all males from the Sage B entry (well, I can’t say that for sure, but looking through the window from 50 yards away, it looked like guys from Sage B and besides, I heard from some other people that some guys in the Sage B entry had a water balloon launcher…). They laughed it up at my expense, but it was a pain for me to go back to my room and put on a dry shirt.

Looking at the evidence, it is clear that a greater cancer than the hockey team is spoiling our sacred campus. Indeed, the very group I am pointing my finger at is the male gender.

I’m sure males across the campus can trot out examples of church-goers and double majors who are males as well, but I ask you: Are the instances of sexual harassment of women, drunken destruction of property and reckless water balloon launching consistent with a gender of “good-hearted individuals?” Therefore I challenge each guy on this campus to show that he has learned from his gender’s mistakes. Only then will they regain my respect and the respect of the Williams community.

Allen Coker ’03

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  1. Oh yes! An arnmstoest of paper, pens, little notebooks and scraps everywhere. To catch those words when they float in, lest they dare attempt to float away.

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