Jerseys don’t change hands, but the ’Herst falls to the WWRFC

The long, traditional week of preparation proved effective for the White Dawgs as they triumphed over the hated “amHerst” on Saturday. Activities such as the midnight run, tackling the dummy and wearing the jerseys for an entire week equipped the White Dawgs to take on one of their toughest opponents of the season.

When the final whistle blew and the trash talking had ceased, cheers erupted from the sidelines and the pitch celebrated the win for Williams.

Familiar faces from both teams once more prepared to face off to see who would suffer their first defeat of the season. “Barbie/Scarface,” the beast of a captain for the amHerst team, was a marked target for tackles as so many wanted revenge for the defeat last season.

Tackles by Denise “Mama said knock you out” Nunes ’05 and Vicki “Greek is fun” Bock ’04 ensured that the monster gained only a step before hitting the earth that she crawled out of. The prop in the amHerst scrum received many jests for her unkempt hair and was even told by one of the supporters on the sidelines, “Girl, you need a perm.”

The White Dawgs began their assault by using their speed against the slow moving amHerst brutes. Denver “Pre-frosh weekend is great” Brown ’04, Annie “The English teacher” Snodgrass ’05 and Antoinette “Flexible is my middle name” Wilson ’04 moved the White Dawgs closer to the amHerst try zone. Tamika “Sober” Murray ’03 received the ball and scored a try, her fifth of the season.Â

When amHerst gained possession of the ball, it was quickly given back to Williams by the nice work of the scrum. Lauren “Tadpoles make great pets” Flinn ’03 stole several balls in scrum downs, while Nigina “At one with nature” Turnbull ’04 and Jen “First week fun” Foss-Feig ’04 stripped the ball with excellent technique to gain control of it. The White Dawgs also successfully wheeled the amHerst scrum several times, to take possession from the amHerst side.

The A-side line used everything in the repertoire to ensure a victory. Johanna “Personal alarm clock” Rodriguez ’04 and Kristen “ I was a guard on my basketball team” Lacey ’04 made amazing kicks up field to inch Williams closer to the amHerst try zone and prevent amHerst from getting too close to the Williams try zone.

Carlyle “Sue Ann” Massey ’04 and Angelica “Above the Rim is my favorite movie” Rodriguez ’05 moved the White Dawgs into the amHerst try zone.

Besides making her usual fantastic runs and tackles, Rachel “Lost on Hoxsey Street” Barr ’06 made a penalty kick to give the White Dawgs three more points, securing the victory for the WWRFC.

The B-side also had some demons to fight. In particular, an ugly purple mohawk escaped from a local zoo, and found a new home on top of the head of one amHerst player.

Jordan Bate ’06 and Vickie Fernandez ’06 pushed the White Dawgs deep into the amHerst try zone, where the battle was waged for most of the game.

The B-side scrum worked together to push towards the amHerst try line. LaShawn “Bone Doggie” Mays ’03, Izzi “Nature bathroom” Stone ’05, Nicole “It’s all about the Benjamins” Perkins ’05 and Marilyn “Great Scott!” Gomez ’06 all helped in driving the scrum into the amHerst try zone.

Courtney “Stay nasty” Gordon ’05 and Charlette “Where is my try?” Steed ’04 ran towards the try line almost scoring a try. Joey “Orgo is my bitch” Lloyd ’05 stole the ball in a scrum down to give the White Dawgs one last attempt to score a try.

Angelica Rodriguez ’05 saw a hole in the defense and headed towards it. She was pushed out of bounds at the last minute, concluding the game for the White Dawgs against the creatures from the black lagoon, I mean, amHerst, Mass.

The White Dawgs continue on undefeated. Thank you to all the supporters who came down to heckle and watch the game. Mr. Green, your comments were hilarious and kept us laughing and sane in a very difficult game.

Thanks to all the alums who wore their hard won amHerst jerseys for your encouragement and speeches (Sister Carrie).  Join us next week when we take on UMass, another team from the horrid place called amHerst, Mass.

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