WWRFC takes a pair away from decidedly mannish opposition

After having their game postponed by the closing of the fields at Smith due to an impending hurricane that manifested itself in cloudless skies and 70-degree weather, the WWRFC arrived at the pitch Sunday morning ready to play.

The White Dawgs were puzzled, however, by the apparent lack of an opponent. The only non-White Dawgs arriving at the pitch seemed to be some guys from UVM who had mixed up the date for their game against the men’s team. But since they had apparently found some Smith jerseys somewhere, the WWRFC agreed to take them on. Any anxieties caused by the apparent Y-chromosomes on the other sideline were calmed when the club’s superfan, Mr. Gortz, arrived with the Williams team mascot, Whitney the White Dawg.

With Whitney firmly planted on the sideline, the White Dawgs were ready to take on the she-men from Smith. The first half was characterized by solid defense, as the WWRFC held off the massive Smith team inside their own 22 for a good 10 minutes. Vicki “TA” Bock ’04 and Katie “Package, What?” Gortz ’03 came up with a series of nasty tackles to hold off the attacking line. The front row of Lauren “Tight Like” Flinn ’03, Joey “Pop Like” Lloyd ’05 and Denise “Down Like” Nunes ’05 held off the Smith scrum, while Jen “Vegas” Foss-Feig ’04 beat everyone to rucks.

The second half was marked by the substitution of first-year phenom Rachel “Clifford” Barr ’06 at fullback. Her kicks sent the Smith line scrambling backwards and allowed the line ample scoring opportunities. A series of good connections eventually delivered the ball into the capable hands of Tamika “Reno” Murray ’03, who ran it in for a try. A few minutes later, Gortz stripped the ball from a maul to lead to yet another successful Murray try.

The B-side game was essentially over as soon as the first whistle blew, as the White Dawgs ran all over the Smith Bs. Courtney “Softball Sucks” Gordon ’05 opened the scoring when she caught a Smith kick, burst through their line and into the try zone, nonchalantly touching it down with one hand. Gordon later added another try to her tally.

Rachel Barr ’06 showed she could run as well as kick when she sprinted half the length of the field for her virgin try, then topped it off by making the conversion.

As the end of the game rolled around, Carly “Apple Picker” Massey ’04 made her B-side debut and scored twice in approximately three minutes.

When the final whistle blew, the White Dawgs were up 34-0. With both sides victorious over the meteorologically challenged Smith team, once again long hair and lip gloss triumphed over crew cuts and cross-dressing.

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