WWRFC takes two from Cards

Countless away messages left early in the morning foretold the story of what was going to happen in Middletown, Conn. on Saturday morning.

After a long and exhaustive car ride, the White Dawgs set out to face their first official opponent of the season with their spirits high.

After some final words by coach and captains were given, the newly adopted “Move! Get out the way!” shouting ritual resonated across the field, announcing to Wesleyan that the White Dawgs had arrived.

The White Dawgs showed no mercy to the Wesleyan women as both the A- and B-sides won their matches. The A-side match began with the line making great connecting passes. A combination of runs and passes from linies Johanna Rodriguez ’04 and Tamika Murray ’03 put the White Dawgs dangerously close to the Wesleyan try zone.

Seizing the opportunity, Annie Snodgrass ’05 made a great run and burst through the defense to score the first try of the game. Snodgrass not only scored a try, but also made the conversion kick to give the White Dawgs a 7-0 lead.

The A-side scrum proved that they could run just as fast as the line. Awesome runs were made by Denise Nunes ’05, Denver Brown ’04 and Melissa Daly ’03. Lauren Flinn ’03 with her sneaky foot, had some great steals in scrum downs for the Dawgs.

Scrummies Katie Gortz ’03, Jen Foss-Feig ’04 and Antoinette Wilson ’04, made great tackles and runs throughout the game, which provided strong support in holding off Wesleyan.

As the final minutes approached, the A-side line stormed down the field once again. Carly Massey ’04, Vicki Bock ’04 and Kristen Lacey ’04 lunged toward the Wesleyan try zone, but were held up.

Scrummie Nigina Turnbull ’04 stole the ball and made an attempt to score a try. Support from Angelica Rodriguez ’05 was there and she scored the second try of the game.

A conversion kick by Snodgrass sealed the 14-0 victory for the White Dawgs over Wesleyan, which was decidedly handled on its home turf.

The killer B-side picked up right where the A-siders left off. Rachel Barr ’06 started the game off with a kick that sailed into Wesleyan’s try zone. She wasted no time in scoring for the White Dawgs, placing a penalty kick through the up-rights to give Williams a 3-0 lead.

Wesleyan sent a return kick to the White Dawgs that was swarmed upon by the Bs. Courtney Gordon ’05, Kara Weiss ’05, Evelyn Mahony ’03 and Ceceila de la Campa ’06 quickly ran the ball back up the field. Rookies Vicki Fernandez ’06, Emily Wasserman ’06, and Rachel Winch ’06 took over and inched closer towards the try zone.

Not being able to score, the ball was kept in the White Dawgs’ possession by scrummies Joanna Westrich ’06, Emily Peinert ’06, Ila Sheren ’05 and Izzi Stone ’05. In her line-out debut, Marilyn Gomez ’06 made great catches and steals for the White Dawgs.

As the White Dawgs neared the try zone, the line was all over the ball. Weiss made another great run along with Charlette Steed ’04 and LaShawn Mays ’03.

In the end, it was Joey Lloyd ’05 who scored the first try for the White Dawgs – it was the virgin scrummie try for Lloyd. Barr made the conversion kick, giving the White Dawgs a 10-0 lead over Wesleyan.

The White Dawgs answered one last time before heading back home to the Purple Valley. Beth Mulligan ’05, Faith Lim ’05, Tesli Mohammed ’06, Emily Lample ’05, Lindsay Thomas ’06 and Vivan Djen ’05 all did an impressive job in holding off the Wesleyan advance and kept the Cardinals from scoring.

The White Dawgs’ season opener was a success. As they gear up to take on Smith next weekend, one thing comes to mind: Move, get out the way.

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