Mischissin resigns as B&G director

Stephen G. Mischissin, director of facilities and auxiliary services for Buildings and Grounds (B&G), will be vacating his post on Sept. 25. He has held the position since Jan. 2001. He plans on returning to the San Francisco Bay area with his family. At the College, Mischissin oversaw the operations of B&G, Dining Services and summer conferences.

The Office of the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer plans to launch a national search to fill Mischissin’s position in the upcoming weeks. It will most likely take around six months to find a replacement for the job.

In spite of his departure, Mischissin believes Robert Volpi, director of dining services, Marge Wylde, director of conference services and Beatrice Miles, manager of custodial services and special functions, together, will bring the College’s service groups “to a new level of professionalism, [productivity] and quality.”

“B&G and Dining Services have made tremendous changes in the time I have been here. I feel the groups are more customer focused,” Mischissin said. “I hope we have driven decision making down through the organization and become a goal-oriented group.”

During his tenure, Mischissin led several projects to improve the College’s campus and infrastructure, thus allowing the school to effectively utilize its resources.

Consequently, the College financed what Mischissin calls “long overdue improvements” within the campus’ heating and utility systems. Also, the College funded the building of a central chiller plant, which he believes will cool campus buildings more efficiently.

In addition to these developments, the B&G staff approved a measure requiring all department employees to wear uniforms. Mischissin said that this allows students, faculty and staff to become more acquainted with the B&G staff, while professionally enhancing their services.

“Finally, both Dining Services and B&G have a new commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness, working positively with students and the CES,” Mischissin said. “All departments are now positioned to excel.”

The College is also continuing its search for a replacement for Tom McEvoy, the former director of housing. McEvoy was reponsible not only for managing real estate, but also for addressing many student concerns about social life on campus as they related to housing. Last spring, Robin Malloy, manager of real estate and housing, assumed some of McEvoy’s responsibilities, but the College has yet to fill the residential life position.

Bringing both legal and real estate experience to the post, Malloy oversees the management of student and faculty housing and of the College’s commercial property.

Portions of the student life issues, once under McEvoy’s direction, are now the responsibility of the Office of the Dean of the College.

“Some student life issues have been turned over to the Dean of College,” Mischissin said. “Housing is really a joint effort between B&G and the Dean’s Office. Overall, [this is] a much better arrangement.”

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