Following changes at the Snack Bar

In an article published last week, Bob Volpi, the new director of dining services, discussed the ideas he hoped to bring to Williams (“Dining services chief finds his place in the kitchen,” Sept. 10, 2002). Among the many exciting ideas he mentioned was “raising meal equivalency values.”

I must admit, I was skeptical that anything would ever come of this idea. Much to my surprise, when I visited the Snack Bar on Saturday to collect my dinner points (I had been visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY and thus missed dinner) I was informed that I could get up to $6.25 worth of food – up from only $5.15 last year. With the new equivalency values, students who miss dinner will finally be able to get a full meal later in the night. Thank you, Mr. Volpi, for this welcome change.

That being said, I am extremely troubled that one of the Snack Bar’s finest offerings, the pizza bagel, was eliminated from the regular dinner menu. From the day it debuted, the pizza bagel offered students a delicious alternative to the staple cheeseburger. While I am sensitive to the difficulties of preserving uncooked pizza bagels from day to day, I urge the snack bar employees – for my money some of the best people on campus – to find a way to preserve this tasty treat for future generations.


Mike Needham ’04

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