Month: September 2002

Frosh 15: fact or fiction?

First-years come to Williams with a long list of expectations about new and exciting social and educational opportunities. It is unlikely, however, that for most students large scale weight gain ranks very highly.

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Let’s drink more black Russian

Like water to the body, oil is essential to the functioning of the United States. Oil fuels our cars and planes; without it, our transportation-based modern-day society would literally grind to a halt.

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Prosperity and sustainability

In his opinions piece assessing the merits of last weekend’s environmental conference, Mike Needham ’04 raised a very important, and often forgotten, point of fact: the quest for environmental sustainability is inextricably bound to the quest to eliminate poverty.

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Kicking it with alleged terrorists

Last week, six men from Buffalo, N.Y. were arrested for allegedly providing support to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network.

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Chastity talk inappropriate

Chastity is not something that I think about often, if ever. So, when I saw the posters for the chastity talk I was excited to attend, as I thought that it would challenge me to perhaps rethink my opinions regarding the subject.

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One in 2000: Chris Vazquez

So, you took a year off? When was this? After freshman year, so from 2000-2001. What did you do in your year off, if you don’t mind my asking? I…

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Dining hall smackdown

When it comes to food, some say that “Williams’ resident overachievers are pampered” (Fiske Guide to Colleges 2002). With a variety of different dining halls to choose from, we set out to test this claim and find out exactly what’s unique about each one.

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Athletic report a necessity

As we begin our third year on the women’s tennis team, we are fully convinced that the athletic program at Williams is the ideal for college sports.

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Future world leaders get their training at the CDE

The Center for Development Economics (CDE) reception on Sept. 19 had the goal of familiarizing the CDE’s class of 2003 with the greater campus community.

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Lack of JV options a problem

The painful saga of “The Problem of Athletics” at Williams is set to enter a new phase as the standing committee on athletics gears up to formulate a mission statement for the College’s athletics program.

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