Take Back the Night

I was pretty determined to spend Tuesday night studying in Schow Science Library – it’s the Williams student in me. I, however, decided that I should at least check out this Take Back the Night thing and see what it was about. As I walked towards the crowd in front of Schow I fully expected to stay for half an hour and then go back to work. But, I found myself touched by the stories. I realized that the least I could do was stand there and listen to what these people had to say. To lose an hour or so for people who have lost so much more is a small sacrifice.

I always feel like it’s not my place to cry when I’m not a victim. But, the reality is that we do have the right to cry about this. What has happened to these people is truly horrific.

It’s much easier to ignore events like this that go on than to become involved. For those who work on the Rape and Sexual Assault Hotline, I have an incredible amount of respect. The issues they deal with are obviously not easy to cope with, but are clearly things for which people need support.

To the speakers of Take Back the Night, thank you for your contributions. I know that what has happened can never be taken back, but you are contributing to the community by speaking out and helping to prevent this from happening to someone else. I hope that this has helped you with the healing process.

Overall, I was very impressed with Take Back the Night. It is much easier to keep walking and pretend that rape doesn’t affect you. But, I think it says something about our community that so many people showed up on Tuesday night. I, however, hope to see more people at the event in the upcoming years. Until all of campus is involved, not enough people know.

Michelle Flowers ‘05

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