Your Friendly Neighborhood Sports Columnist: The rites of spring, part deux

Spring Fling is one of the most anxiously anticipated weekends of the year. As soon as the Williams student steps foot on to campus following spring break, he or she is consumed with the thought of Spring Fling. In years past bands such as Dave Matthews and Ben Harper have taken over the stage at Lasell and given crowd pleasing performances, but now it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that Dispatch is going to be the band playing. Dispatch is a fine band, but I guess this year someone finally lobbied hard enough not to have them make the annual stop over in Williamstown on their northeast tour. Instead, we landed Guster for a Thursday night indoors. Note to College Council: not such a good idea. That operation kind of set the tone to how this past weekend slowly evolved into just another weekend here in Williamstown. However, there were still many good things that transpired over the weekend. Therefore, this column will be dedicated to the “Top Five Spring Fling Occurrences.”

Number 5

A pat on the back must be given to the softball team, who took two games from the ’Herst on Saturday to clinch the NESCAC West title. The title is their second in two seasons, and the Ephs will host the NESCAC tourney here this weekend. They were a dominant team this year – they didn’t drop a game in league play – but they all realize they have to thank the Middlebury Panthers for contributing to their success. You see, each year the girls get to play Middlebury twice. These games are automatic wins because the Midd coaching staff doesn’t like to teach too much too soon, and that is why the team fails to complete the throw and catch action with any regularity (assist S.B.). Good luck in the tourney, girls!

Number 4

Women’s LAX struggled on Saturday, but that didn’t stop them from coming back to take care of business on Sunday. In true Williams fashion, the Ephs took to the field Sunday and demolished a visiting Bates team 16-3. The win signified two things: (1) it kept them in the hunt for an at-large bid for the NCAA tourney, something that they have worked very hard for and deserve; and (2) their next game isn’t until Saturday, which means we all may see them out at some point this week.

Number 3

Surprisingly enough, this great Spring Fling moment occurred at Amherst too. Williams has always been known for boasting a loyal contingent of sports fans, especially against Amherst. Many kids made the trip down to Amherst this past weekend, among them was one Drew Demuth. We all know Demuth – he’s big, strong, (no offense Drew) and he is not the most agile of people. Between the first and second baseball games, Drew decided to challenge another Williams student to a race (kinda weird, but whatever).

Anyway, the race starts and the two are neck and neck, but about halfway through Drew’s legs buckle, he slips and falls off the course and into a pond. Drew claims it was a creek, but how many creeks do you know that you can end up waist deep in? If you know any, point them out to me please, but more importantly, show Drew. The fact that Demuth spent the whole second baseball game soaking from waist down earns him a spot on the list.

Number 2

None of us ever want to hear that we are not good enough to do something that we are really passionate about. That is exactly what happened to first-year pitcher Chris Bodnar. Bodnar was told in high school by Amherst head coach Bill Thurston that he would never be a pitcher in college; apparently Chris’ stuff just wasn’t good enough. Bodnar decided to come to Williams, and he got the call to start the second game of the doubleheader this past Saturday. The kid who would never make it as a college pitcher threw a complete game, four hit shutout, while striking out four Lord Jeffs to earn a much-needed win for the visiting Ephs. I guess that is why Amherst will always be Amherst. Good call, coach. . .

Number 1

Marshall Creighton’s mustache. Enough said!

Springtime in Williamstown; is there anything better in the world?

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