Lehman council organizes service month

The Lehman Community Service Council has organized a schedule of service projects throughout the month of April. The Council has invited several speakers and organized panel discussions, a benefit show and a service day as a part of this month-long program.

Service day took place on April 13 and included trips to Sweetbrook Nursing Home, Chrysalis Center, Caretaker Farm and Elizabeth Freeman Center. College students regularly volunteer at each of these places, although more are always welcome.

According to Maggie McDonald ’04, one of the main organizers of the event, the day was a success, despite the lower-than-expected turn out. Only twelve students participated, rather than the 40 to 50 students that have taken part in past years. McDonald noted that the smaller number of people was probably due to the fact that there were five athletic events that day in addition to the SAC-organized trip to Montreal and to a Red Sox game.

“The aim of service day is… to have lots of people together and recognize that there is a service community at [the College],” said McDonald. Rather than planning projects that are slightly more difficult or unusual, the goal is to have a lot of projects happening at once. Thus, it is disappointing, McDonald pointed out, when not many people participate. “It’s discouraging for us [the Lehman board] and it might be discouraging to the people who do show up,” she said.

Other events organized as a part of the service weeks were a panel and discussion on service-learning at the College and a talk by Lari Brandstein from Berkshire Farm in Canaan, N.Y. regarding his experiences in community service. On April 30, Sunshine Wohl, the founder of the Chrysalis Center, a live-in facility for patients afflicted with AIDS in Pownal, VT. will be speaking about her project. On April 26, the Council has organized a benefit show with student performances in Goodrich to raise money for the center.

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