WWRFC goes 1-1 on ‘Play Day,’ 3-3 on avoiding speeding tickets

The Williams Women’s Rugby Football Club (WWRFC) had a split result from their unofficial tournament “Play Day”at Bowdoin College, beating Bowdoin 10-5 and then losing to Colby 8-5. A much more impressive stat for the team is that while three out of the five cars going to Maine got pulled over for speeding, the statistic for actually getting a ticket was 0-for-3.

Williams started their Saturday in inimitable fashion, arriving at the pitch a half-hour late and with several players missing jerseys, shorts and/or socks. Nevertheless, while half the team was exhausting the world’s tape supply, the other half was warming up by tying and retying their cleats. They also ran a few laps and set-up grids.

The game started with Bowdoin kicking off to Williams. The contest was played at a frenetic pace out of the gate, with the WWRFC scrambling as the Bowdoin Polar Bears lumbered around under the screaming dictates of their coach. The Bowdoin coach, a skinny twit of a woman, was quite willing to share the tee but otherwise spent the rest of the game screaming calls against the Williams players, the refs and the merciless fates.

Kristen “I like my underwear” Lacey ’04 took a break from her panty stealing to make an unsuccessful free kick attempt. It was too bad that a rugby officer hadn’t kicked it, since many of those fine leaders of the team had been practicing on Thursday night when continually kicking their mixers onto the floor.

A few minutes later, Bowdoin scored a try, but Williams answered back in the form of Tamika “I’m still freezing” Murray ’03, who scored with one minute remaining in the half.

The second half opened with a kick-off by C-line “Charmer of Wesleyan alums” Messmer ’02, who was filling in as fullback extraordinaire. The ball turned over to Williams immediately, setting up a nice drive that, ultimately, may or may not have worked. At one point in the half, liney connectivity came together to set up a fantastic try by Annie “80s rocker girl” Snodgrass ’05.

After the game, the little red-haired girl ref came over to give some tips to the WWRFC. While some of the observations were duly noted for the insight they provided, the suggestion that the flankers needed to start “eating out the fly-half and inside” was dismissed for its poor verb choice.

After the game, Liz “Atrocious Finger Names” Sterling ’02 commented, “For the record (no pun intended), I scored 21 points…all as free kicks! And I scored off the field too…” The real score was 10-0, with minimal contributions from Sterling except in the sweating department, where she took charge like a champ.

Ten minutes later, Williams went back onto the field to face the Colby Rugby Football Club (CRFC), which can be characterized as having its own little red-haired girl and the biggest (tall and somewhat wide) girl ever seen. The red-haired scrum-half was the linchpin of the team and made several free-kick attempts, although only one was successful.

The second game was more quick-paced than the first. The WWRFC, thanks to its amazing conditioning, was able to hang in without too much pain. “As line captain, I’m supposed to stay calm, cool and collected under pressure, which is why I almost cried like a baby when I got pulled over,” said Clare “Sole Survivor” Newman ’02, the WWRFC’s answer to little linchpins. “Good thing I gave the trooper my fake ID – I wouldn’t have gotten caught even if I had gotten a ticket since it would have been under the name ‘Cina Goleman’.”

The second half started with a Colby kick-off that resulted in a try by the Colby backs. Another try was later attempted but held up by Messmer, which resulted in a five-meter scrum-down.

The scrum gallantly held off the CRFC and set-up a play that resulted in a fast-break by Snodgrass that brought the score to 8-5 in the final second of the game. After missing a tough conversion kick, the WWRFC left the field disappointed that their undefeated record was no more but happy that they had done so well sans coach and several key players who were unable to make the long roadtrip.

The WWRFC has next weekend off, but welcomes rookies at any point in the season to take part in their weekly hijinks that are unimpeded by silly things such as 48-hour rules and the like.

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