Open Sesame Street

The rules for this puzzle are loose. I’m going to give you two words that are related to each other by a third word. Note that some of the words might not be in the dictionary, but may instead be a commonly known place or name. Fill the third word that is related to the first two into the grid, and notice that gray squares will be used later.

I’ll start ’em easy and get tougher. Don’t give up until you’ve made your best effort and consulted as many of your friends as you can. It’s either that, or wait a week in agonizing suspense….

1). Ear


2). Jelly


3). Pool Hall


4). Playboy


5). Brittle


6). Signature of F

My bicycle

7). Soda cans

Hot dog buns

8). Barbecue


9). Hearts


10). Pancake

The Plate

11). Ben Folds Five


12). Soap

Citrus fruit

13). Flush


14). Tuna salad

The masthead

15). D9 B9 D1 C12 E7 E10 B11

A5 B7 D11 D6 C8 B13 C4 C2 D3 C14

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