First-year room draw conflict unmerited

This year, the normally congenial administration has declared war. This spring, the room draw for rising sophomores occurs on the night of Thursday, April 25, on the same night as the Spring Concert featuring the popular band Guster. Because of this, at least half the class will miss all or some of the concert in order to attend the room draw. I understand that the housing draw is definitely the higher priority, but why is this situation necessary in the first place? The sophomore draw could be delayed until the next week with little harm, and, in fact, I think a representative sample of the class of 2005 would show more support for a Friday night draw than a Thursday night one. This whole fiasco seems to be an unfortunate coincidence of scheduling which the administration needs to rectify immediately.

Moreover, in what I personally find a far more galling situation, the student body at large has been lied to regarding this year’s draw. While I applaud the environmentally friendly gesture of posting each individual’s lottery results online, this has in fact rendered the room draw roughly half blind, something we were explicitly promised would not happen this year. By making only your own group’s number available, an immense amount of information has been withheld and the entire process made more difficult. The point of having an open draw is so that you can plan ahead and live with your friends – as well as avoid your enemies. The planning aspect has now been hindered until the night of the draw. Incidentally, the need to make an even more uninformed decision will in fact lengthen the draw and ensure that more first-years miss the Guster concert. In this action the administration has clearly violated the spirit, if not the specific language, of their promise to the students. One of the most attractive aspects of Williams for prospective students is an administration notorious for being amiable and willing to work out issues in the best interests of students-with their input. Well, deans, SAC, Housing: here’s my input. Work this issue out.

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