Concert/room draw conflict unfair

On Thursday, April 25, Student Activities Council (SAC) is producing the largest student-run concert ever at Williams. Unfortunately, last Wednesday, we found out that the rising sophomore room draw was scheduled for the same time as our big Spring Fling concert, featuring Guster.

When we scheduled the concert several months ago, the All Campus Master Calendar, which is supposed to list all Williams events, did not show the room draw. We booked this huge event as April 25 looked clear and, therefore, we do not believe that this conflict is our fault.

Many first-years are very upset over conflict. Frosh Council has received over 100 e-mails from concerned frosh, which have been forwarded to the Dean’s and Housing Offices.

The Williams room draw is much more than a five minute choose-your-room-process. It is a very stressful, intense, time- consuming, emotionally-upsetting event that lasts from 7:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. When I worked two of the room draws last year, most everyone was clearly very stressed and by the end of the night many students were crying, yelling and depressed.

We are willing to do whatever is takes to solve this conflict and we have offered to cover all of the costs associated with moving the room draw. From paying for the extra B&G labor, to widely advertising the change, to sending thank you cards and flowers to those inconvenienced, to reserving the room draw locations, to even helping run the event, we want to help find a solution!

Unfortunately, I have not received a positive response. As we are contractually obligated to produce this concert, we can’t move our event. Therefore, I really hope that the rising sophomore room draw can be moved to a later date.

At $32,000, our Spring Fling Guster concert will be the largest in Williams history and I would truly hate to see 1/4 of the student body — who are paying for this event — excluded. The losers, if we can’t solve this challenge, are going to be the first-years.

Unfortunately, time is also of the essence. Presently, our Guster concert tickets are selling very quickly. At this pace, by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest, the show should be sold out. As many first-years are not buying tickets since they think they can’t attend because of the room draw conflict, we really need to resolve this challenge before our tickets sell out.

We look forward to working together with the Administration to find a solution to this conflict.


Drew Newman


All Campus Entertainment

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