WWRFC wins opener 22-0, Killer Bs impressive in 34-5 triumph

Although women’s rugby is an amazing sport unto itself, the team always appreciates a little help from its friends (in other sports). In the fall, the team benefited from the contributions of the softball trio; this spring, the hockey connection is where the magic happens.

Caitlin “Without rugby, my senior spring would have no meaning” Bowler ’02 and Annie “Powder blue laces on the outside, tiger on the inside” Snodgrass ’05 led a talented group of rookies through a fabulous introduction to the Williams Womens’ Rugby Football Club (WWRFC). Snodgrass, in her first rugby game ever, scored five tries for the Killer Bs. Her announcement that she is quitting hockey is imminent.

Both the A-side and B-side cleared the snowy weather to bring forth a day of sunny pride. Each team had a beautiful victory over its Boston University (BU) competition: 22-0 and 34-5, respectively. Although the ref has reportedly had some trouble with killing chickens and sick cats, her calls on the pitch were fair and just.

The BU players were a pleasant team to compete against, although the occasional free association between windy days and clothesline tackles was somewhat problematic. Finally, the fan base was out in full support, mostly because other sports teams had cancelled their games due to the cold.

The A-side game got off to a great start with an excellent kick-off by Susie “Shoot the boot” Eklund ’04. The team played strong, gritty rugby marked by fierce scrumdowns, excellent rucks, awesome back connections and terrific lineouts that included several impressive steals by Antoinette “Not so spedy, Eddy” Wilson ’04. All of a sudden, shouts of “HEROIC!!!” were heard on the sideline as Sara “I’m a wingy hooker” Hausner-Levine ’02 came out of nowhere to score the first try of the game. The try was followed by a successful conversion kick by Eklund, making the score 7-0.

The team rejoiced. They then continued to play rugby.

Multy “Scrum bum” Dater ’03 and Tamika “Always ask the Jamaican if she wants the coat first” Murray ’03 scored, with Murray scoring twice to bring the score up to 22-0 by the end of the second half. The tries were set up by terrific runs, punches and bursts by Virginia “Where’s my husband?” Despard ’02 and Caroline “C-line” Messmer ’02. A highlight of the game was an amazing 60-yard kick return that went from Despard to Messmer to Clare “You missed me” Newman ’02 to Danielle “Speedy” Rosario-Mullen ’03 to Jen “Helen” Foss-Feig ’04 and ended with “Dirty” Dee Brown ’04.

After this heartening start to the season, the Killer Bs took to the field, with some A-side players filling out the roster. Izzi “Where are my shorts?” Stone ’05 had great tackles in her scrum debut. Kara “Newbie” Weiss ’05 made some wonderful passing connections while she played outside. Bowler played a great game at prop.

The high point of the game, however, was one that was repeated five times as superstar Snodgrass scored five times. Solid connections and support among the linies set up these tries, with Snodgrass receiving the ball at the outside and taking it up the field.

Returning Bs also played wicked well, notably Angelica “Thuggy Thuggerton” Rodriguez ’05 at scrumhalf and Joey “Guys, what’s going on?” Lloyd ’05 at hooker. The final score was 34-5.

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