0ne in 2000: Katie Shattuck

Katie Shattuck

Dorm Lehman LE 12a

Hometown Sparks, MD

Namesake None

    So, have you ever had Roman numeral envy?

What are you talking about?

    You know, how your brother [Mayo Shattuck IV ’03] has an “IV” after his name? Is there any sibling rivalry over that issue?

Not really, because I wouldn’t want my name to be “Mayo” in the first place.

    Well, how about a “II” or a “Jr.”, maybe even a “III?”

I don’t know. I do think that once you reach a certain point (after “IV”) it gets a little sad. “V?”, “VI?” It doesn’t work.

    It seems like it becomes a little too French king-like. Oh! I’m sorry. It wasn’t very cool to start the interview with a question about a sibling here.

It’s OK. Everyone seems to talk about that.

    I’m glad you understand. It’s just that “IV” is so incredible.

It’s not envy though.

    But really, did you ever try and add anything to your name to make it cooler? I, for one, added an “O’” before my name in kindergarten when my friend and I were practicing writing our names. She was O’Hara and I was O’Messmer until my kindergarden teacher said it wasn’t acceptable.

Never done that.

    So, how’s second semester of your first year?

It’s going all right. I don’t really want the year to end.

    Are you feeling a slump at all?

No, I did before spring break, but now things are going well. Crew season just started so that’s taking up most of my life.

    Cool! Are you a right-sider, left, stroke, coxswain?

I’m on the starboard side, which is actually the left side because the boat is backwards.

    Trick-ey! How do you choose sides?

Well, pretty much the first day they just put you somewhere. There are people who are “bisweptual” and row on both sides.

    Oh, ho, ho! Too humorous! Now, are you guys a fun team? Do you ever do crazy shenanigans?

Well, coming up – before the Little Three thing – the J.V. boat has to row naked, which is always interesting.

    Fully naked, or sports bra naked?

Fully naked.


Which should be interesting since I’m in that boat.

    Now, is this the men’s and women’s team?

No, just the women. The men aren’t around when we do it. I hope not, at least. The rowing position isn’t the most flattering.

   That’s super! I’m a big fan of social nudity.


    Well, maybe group nudity is a better way to say it. You know, it’s a “norms are relaxed” type of thing; it’s not really sexual.

Would you be a fan of naked parties like they have at other schools? I don’t think I’d be too comfortable with that.

    I don’t know. Would it be uncomfortable because it’s trying too hard, or just the nudity aspect in general?

It’s probably because when you show up, how does the nudity come around? How exactly do you get naked?

    That’s true. Is there a clothes disposal site in the foyer, or does nudity just happen or is it required from the beginning. . .? So speaking of places of group nudity, have you ever gone to dinner at the Schapiros’?

I’ve only been once. Mayo goes a fair bit because he knows them.

    How was it? Did you have leftover macaroni-‘n’-hotdog casserole?

No, there were a bunch of students there – it was nice.

    I heard he invites students over to his house randomly.

Yeah, apparently I wasn’t good enough to be invited back.

    Well, I’ve never been invited, so I’m a level below you. I’ve been there with certain groups, but never as a random student. I cry on the inside.

I’m sure you care a lot.

    You know what I really want to do at a Schapiro event, though? I would love to slip Mimi a screenplay, just to see how she would react.

You mean, see what she’d do with it?

    Not even that. It just seems so flagrantly inappropriate. I would be flabbergasted, I think.

I think it could work. I think she could take you seriously.

    But a Williams student with a screenplay?

I think she would assume the workload wasn’t hard enough.

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