SAC’s Regurgitator doesn’t choke

On Friday, March 8, the Williams College community was treated to numerous astounding acts of digestion. Stevie Starr, “The Regurgitator,” performed before a fire capacity crowd in Goodrich Hall. This SAC-sponsored event caused much duress for the performance organizers.  Starr’s plane was delayed due to weather conditions, and his late arrival on campus pushed the event’s start time back two hours. The students in Goodrich, in a successful attempt to curb a riot, amused themselves by telling jokes on stage. One student even approached the microphone naked.

After his belated arrival, Starr kept his audience in disbelief throughout the performance. Thumbtacks, a mini Rubik’s cube, a billiards ball, a live goldfish and a light bulb were among the assorted items that Starr swallowed and regurgitated upon request. In one of his most impressive acts, the Regurgitator swallowed a male student’s ring followed by a locked padlock with key and returned them with the ring locked inside the padlock.  Above, Starr demonstrates his amazing digestive powers by swallowing a cup of sugar, and then regurgitating it, still dry, into a student’s hand.

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