CC coverage lacking

In this past year as CC co-president, I’ve understood – and even appreciated – the important role that the Record fills in campus politics. The Record provides a forum for constant commentary and criticism about College Council (CC). I have always had a healthy respect for the Record, and admired the editors for the style and intelligence with which they report to the Williams community.

I’ve felt this respect eroding away in the past two months.

The relationship between CC and the Record is historically tenuous, and it should be. But the Record has taken the role of critic too far, and at the expense of fair, honest reporting. On repeated occasions, the Record has printed inaccurate or misinformed information about College Council. Far from being frustrating, it’s truly damaging – to members of CC, who are repeatedly misrepresented, and to the student body, for whom the Record serves as the official voice of campus politics. This damage is increased by the many articles that the Record chooses not to write. Most recently, these omissions include any mention of the issues surrounding the presidential tickets (including important information about campaign violations), and the fact that one of the candidates for secretary is not currently enrolled as a student of Williams College.

The Record is the filter through which most students view the events of campus. With this privilege comes a sizeable responsibility – to provide the Williams community with accurate and relevant information presented in an intelligent way. It has earned this privilege – and this responsibility – through years of fair, informed reporting. As I prepare to hand over the reins of CC to a new batch of leaders, I only hope that the Record returns to the honest and intelligent reporting that has earned it the right to be the voice of the students. Otherwise, we all lose out.

Sarah Barger

College Council Co-President

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