Artist Formerly Known As: Jumi Song

How did you end up taking the singer-songwriter Winter Study class?

I’ve been playing the guitar for two years and I’d written some stuff, but I thought I would like to get some feedback from other songwriters. Also, there is a performance in the end of the class – and I have always wanted to perform.

And did you get what you expected from the class? How did you like it?

Oh, I loved it. It introduced me to different people who play different music. It expanded my view of music, made me look at lyrics more closely.

How did you start playing and writing music yourself?

I have a friend who plays the guitar, and I got interested in learning to play. I’ve played the piano for about six years and I really enjoyed it, but I wanted to learn to play the guitar, too. So my friend taught me a little. I also learned by myself.

So, tell us how it happens. How do you write a song? Do the lyrics come first or does the music?

Music comes first. I usually sit in my room and fiddle with the chords a little bit. I might have an abstract idea about what I am going to write, but it really depends on how the music comes out. For example, if the sound is sad and kind of melancholic, my voice adjusts that way, too. I once tried writing the lyrics for a song first but it didn’t work very well.

What is a good song for you? How do you know you have written one?

I guess a song is good if I don’t get sick of it, if I hear it 10 times over and over again and I still find something new. Different songs affect me differently. Sometimes, I like to listen to soft music; sometimes, I want to hear something really loud. I like an artist if I can relate to what they are trying to say and if I can feel a connection with that person.

Who is an artist like that for you? What kind of music do you like?

It really depends on my mood. I like Sarah McLachlan because I can relate to her lyrics. I guess I don’t like female voices that much, which is weird. I prefer guys’ voices. I really like Matchbox 20 and I think Rob Thomas has the sexiest voice ever. I like Weezer. I think their lyrics are just funny.

Are you going to be a music major?

No, probably not. I took music as a Winter Study course ’cause I wanted to try and apply music to my life, but I probably won’t major in it.

Do you plan to keep writing songs, though?

I do. I guess I always will be writing. I definitely want to continue with music. I don’t know if I can make it a career. That would be awesome, but I can’t count on it.

As a first-year, if you had to write a song about your Williams experience so far, what would you want to call it?

Oh, God [smiles]… I have no idea.

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