Crew comes on strong in Baxter

Spending more time in Baxter than a Record editor may sound like an impossible feat, but for the 29th year, crew spent over a day in Baxter Lounge raising money for its spring trip to South Carolina. This year’s “Ergathon” lasted close to 36 hours and saw the team impressively raise upwards of $10,000.

“Having witnessed 20 to 22 [Ergathons] between being an athlete and a coach, this year’s was the best I’ve ever seen,” said Peter Wells, crew coordinator and men’s coach. “Every member of the team – men and women, varsity and novice – put everything they could into it.”

The highlight of the event was when Angus Beal ’03 shattered the previous Ergathon record set by Brad Johnston ’98 by rowing 4,524 meters (a 1:39.9 500-meter split) in his first 15-minute piece. In doing so, Angus broke two barriers that have never been broken in the Ergathon’s history: 4500 meters and a 1:40.0 split.

Emil Peinert ’05 also broke Johnston’s record by pulling 4492 meters (1:40.2). “Emil finished the entire Ergathon, so there were at least 80 people in the room,” said Wells.

“It’s really impressive that he could put forth such a great effort under so much pressure – he’s a great performer.”

Several members of the women’s team put forth remarkable efforts, though nobody came close to the women’s record of 1:46.7 set last year by Olympian Biz Smith ’01. Liz Mygatt ’03 led the way for the women with a time of 1:51.9. Shoshana Clark ’02 pulled a 1:52.7 while Anne Rutherford ’04, a lightweight rower, put forth a noteworthy 1:54.6.

According to Wells, however, the team’s performance was impressive because everybody, not just the team’s best rowers, turned in strong performances. “When you look at guys like Jason Chapman ’02 and Mike Paarlberg ’02 who really put forth impressive performances, that inspires the team as much as anything,” said Wells.

“I think the guys, especially some of the novice rowers, realized how important this event is for the team and they really came together and helped each other out,” said Wells.

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