Winter Study wonderland

Winter Study: isn’t it wonderful? The term “Winter Study” is an oxymoron. All you have is one class, a little homework and lots of free time. Is this really Williams College? Before I go on to talk about the hours of extra time I have and how I spend them, let me first talk about my classes, I mean my class.

I am taking journalism. The class is supposed to improve my journalistic writing, but if you continue to read this article you will see that this improvement has not taken effect. However, I have learned a lot in the class, including how to appear not hung over, as well as how to wake up 10 minutes before a class starts. All of these skills will help me in the future.

My first homework assignment was to report on drinking at Williams, so I took the opportunity to do some hands-on research. This was a topic that I was really able to digest. After a whole weekend of field research I found out that drinking does occur on campus.

Of course, when I am not doing work for my class, I am being extremely productive with my free time.

I explained to my friend the concept of Winter Study as the following: “While you guys are sitting at home and doing nothing, I will be at college doing nothing.” However, “nothing” for me involves many activities.

Over a foot of snow fell a few days after I arrived. I had not seen that much white powder since I was backstage at a Rolling Stones concert. All the snow did make for great skiing and snowball fighting, which were two things I took advantage of.

The snowball fight between the Frosh Quad and the Odd Quad brought back traumatic dodge ball memories. I am still trying to recover. Some wounds will never heal.

As for skiing, I went for the downhill variety. The best part of skiing for me is getting the lift ticket. I go once and keep the ticket on my jacket forever. I can then just go to the lodge and look like I belong. The ladies dig skiers. They shouldn’t call it a lift ticket, but rather a chick ticket. As for the actual skiing, I could probably show up at Salt Lake City in February and take home a gold medal and the towels from the hotel. I am the king of the bunny hill.

Winter Study also brings about intramural sports including basketball and broomball. My basketball team is in the C league, the lowest division, so we could not get top-notch ringers. We had to settle for guys on the JV team as well as a couple of former Los Angeles Lakers. One goes by the name Magic or something like that. Anyway, I do not think anybody has noticed, despite the fact that the team’s average height is six feet seven inches. My team played the Record’s team?we won of course, so I would not be surprised if this article never gets published.

In broomball my team doesn’t need ringers because I am playing with my entry. Broomball is the only sport that combines hockey and falling on your ass. Do not worry Mom and Dad, they give us helmets, none of which fit, but who cares, I have only been diagnosed with two concussions. Or wait? was it three? Do I even have parents?

During Winter Study I have actually started going to the weight room. Before Winter Study I never even thought it existed. Of course, I do not lift weights when I go there. I just go there and then tell people I just came from the weight room. If you tell the ladies that you just came from the weight room and then flash your lift ticket, they’ll be impressed.

If there wasn’t enough not to do, the Health Center sent a sheet around with a list of activities to keep you occupied. Surprisingly, drinking did not make the list. Unfortunately, I see a lot of problems with the list. They suggested cleaning your room. Winter Study is only a month long, there is no way I can clean my room in that little time.

Another good suggestion is to become a Big Brother or Big Sister. I think my parents have more control over that than me. Then again, now that I’m gone, the house is really empty. Health Services also suggested having a slumber party. Now that is an idea I can really get behind. I would love to have a slumber party with a bunch of girls. I bet that by mentioning that I’m coming from the weight room and flashing my lift ticket, I will have ladies lining up to come to my slumber party.

My one obligation this week was to write an article for the Record, yet somehow despite all my free time I managed to write this at the last minute. I should probably take that time management class. Unfortunately, I do not think I can fit it into my schedule.

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