The dangers of technology

The System is controlled by computers but it is run by man. Our computers control us. We use them for everything. Who can go for a week without checking his or her e-mail will prove me wrong. E-mail. It helps us to communicate. It allows us to communicate. It gives us permission to communicate. E-mail and his cousin, cell-phone, gives us permission to communicate. What would we do if the System crashed?

No, we are not in “The Matrix,” fool. We are talking about reality, not fantasy. The System is teaching us new values. Teaching us how to think. Teaching us how to treat each other. We study psychology in school. We analyze our thoughts and behaviors. We conclude we are so complexly brilliant. We worship our science. We have no need for God. We classify our lives. We separate things. Separate and segregate. We think like computers.

A righteous man’s thoughts become opinions. We are all entitled to our own opinions in this free society. What a man tells himself is right is right indeed. Sodomy, sex changing, promiscuity. They can all be right. Did we not once exist with consciences or did we shed that during evolution. We have a blurred the concept of right and wrong. But one thing we know is that the bombing of Sept. 11 was wrong.

However, we are pure. We do not terrorize other nations. We have enslaved black people for more than four hundred years with no apology.

Economics. We are slaves to our economic System. Why is the gap between the rich man and the poor man ever widening? Can not we do something to end this once and for all? Or will the economic laws we have created not allow us to come to a conclusion. What will happen when this gap becomes wider than we can handle? The rich will bow down to the highly technological society they have created while the poor man will suffer. But who will save their soul? Are we not so comfortable in the wonderful System we have created? We hear about nations suffering terribly on the news everyday. CNN always keeps us well up to date. But how much of the reality do we really feel until its our turn to suffer? Who feels it, knows it. What if the System crashed? The System that we trust in. The illusion we have put before our eyes. Whoever said, “In God we trust” probably should have spoken for himself.

Remember the big computer scare of the new millennium? What would have happened if the System had crashed? But no, only a fool could think that the System would crash. It could not crash with all those scholars out there studying up, like us, to learn more about how to support the System. We spend our lives supporting the System. The System that cares nothing for us or at least nothing for those who are not the majority. Minority and majority. More classification. Are we not all to die the same? Material possession cannot be carried beyond the grave.

Computers have no souls to come with us after death. Or is it that there is nothing after death? Surely life is more than meets the eye. Why else would we keep searching, exploring, going to outer space? The answer is not found there. Our little discoveries will never come close to the knowledge of the Supreme Ruler. Did we not once in our great wisdom believe the Earth was flat? I suppose we are much wiser now, until we conclude otherwise in retrospect one hundred years from now. What was hidden from the wise and prudent shall be revealed to the babe and suckling.

Of course, the System has many advantages to it. But look at what it has caused worldwide. Things are getting better. Better for those who are better. And worse for those who are worse. Or has the illusion totally brainwashed you. Technology is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It will help bring about the destruction of the world. I am not saying I do not also rely on technology. In fact, it is already too late to stop it since we are fully dependant now. We have been trapped and will eventually self-destruct. This is the inevitable destiny of man from the time sin entered the world.

I can offer no earthly solutions out of this dilemma. Every man must now put aside his “opinion” and seek the truth if the System gives him permission to think outside of it.

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