Questions that need to be asked

What would happen if all of the questions people asked among their friends were asked to the campus at large? I offer my guess at some of the questions we would hear. I do it, not because I agree with the motivation of all of the questions, but because I think that it’s important in this time when we’re looking to build a better Williams community that we try to understand each other. It’s important that these and other questions are discussed, and ultimately answered, by the campus at large. In order for them to be discussed and answered, they must be asked.

?Doesn’t having a women’s and gender studies major just further the idea that women’s issues in academia are separate from the overall concerns of academia?

?Doesn’t having MinCo instead of CC fund minority groups suggest that minority students are not a part of the student body since CC is our student governance?

?What is it about this wonderful family of a school that we have to term some students part of an “Odd Quad”?

?How does it work that we preach tolerance of everything except conservative views?

?As an academic institution, don’t we owe it to ourselves to stop giving recruited athletes, legacies, and minorities preference?

?Why are some houses abusing their power and keeping people from having parties in them?

?Why do financial aid students have to do an extra 8 hours of work a week just to be at Williams?

?Why do minority students get to have their own orientation?

?If there are all of these minority groups that get special funding, shouldn’t there be a majority group that gets special funding?

?Why should students wanting to live together bear the brunt of our diversity and community issues through CUL proposals to move from groups of 8 to 4 and to cluster houses?

?Why do people always complain about parking when at least they have a car on campus?

?Why does the BGLTU think it can write offensive pro-gay comments on the sidewalk when there is no way that a group would get away with writing offensive anti-gay comments on the sidewalk?

?Why do we come to the defense of Arab Americans who are victims of racism when we have all but ignored the racism against other groups of Americans over the last few years?

?Why can’t I just hang out with my friends even if they are all athletes or black or women?

?Why is financial situation the only real taboo issue on campus?

?Why does Williams have a peoples and cultures requirement when it doesn’t have any others?

?Why do MinCo groups get funding just to hang out and eat?

?Why do we have to call them first-years? When the term freshman is not really offensive?

?Why do athletes always get picked on when a cappella groups and theatre people are just as cliquey?

?Why are school-sponsored lecturers always liberal?

?How can black students say that they don’t feel like they’re a part of the Williams community when it is their own fault for always living, eating, and hanging out together?

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