Godspell sings

Godspell, a collaborative effort of Williams College students and members of Saints Patrick and Raphael Parish, was performed Thursday, Nov. 15 to Saturday, Nov. 17 in Thompson Memorial Chapel. The play, by John Michael Tebelak and Stephen Shwartz, is a look at the teachings of Jesus Christ through song and parable. Godspell was directed by Tiffany Medina ’02 and Sarah Godbehere ’04 with assistant director Judith Ann Smith of Saint Joseph High School. The production featured Jon Chow ’03 as Jesus, Kristin Engelbrecht-Bleem ’04 as Judas and Keith Ericson ’04 as John the Baptist. The large cast which shared the many solos of the show included Graeme Biervliet-Schranz ’04, Emily Bright ’04, Emily Kirby ’04, Patricia Lenihan ’04, John Martino ’03, Gianna Marzilli ’04, Susannah Mitchell ’04, Elizabeth Moulton ’02, Jason Potell ’04, Grace Smith ’04, Lillian Thompson ’04 and Keenan Chenail of Saints Patrick and Raphael Parish.

The production benefited from the exuberance and contemporary references brought to it by the cast, but suffered from the difficulty of performing in Thompson Chapel. The staging of the show, which extended back into the pulpit, made sight lines troublesome for all but the center section of the audience. Furthermore, the acoustics of the Chapel muddied both the spoken lines and especially the song lyrics. The performances of Chow, with his humor and energy, and Engelbrecht Bleem, with her impressive solo voice, provided the best moments of the show.

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