College announces recipients of overseas fellowships

After an intensive selection process, the dean’s office announced the recipients of the Herschel Smith Fellowship, the Martin-Wilson Fellowship and the Donovan-Moody Fellowship.     

The Herschel Smith Fellowship, instituted in 1979 by Dr. Herschel Smith, enables graduates to study at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, immediately following graduation. According to the Course Catalog, “One criteria [for this fellowship] includes general intellectual ability and attainment in the major field of study with special reference to the promise of original and creative work, and character [of the student].”

The recipients of this year’s Herschel Smith Fellowship are Johanna Heinrichs ’02, Lisa Jong ’02 and Xiao Tan ’02.

“My initial reaction was disbelief. It took a while to sink in,” said Heinrichs. An art history major, she believes the fellowship will be a solid start for continuing her graduate studies in the United States.

Unlike most students at Cambridge University, Heinrichs will attain a Bachelor of Arts degree within two years rather than three. She anticipates the opportunities she will be able to take part in while studying at Cambridge and looks forward to traveling to England and gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of its rich culture.

Jong intends to study religion and English at Emmanuel College. She is eager to make use of the resources that will be at her disposal while studying at Cambridge and is particularly excited about analyzing ancient medieval and renaissance manuscripts.

“When I found out about the fellowship I was a bit in shock and also extremely grateful ? spending two years at Cambridge is radically different from anything I initially saw myself doing directly after graduation, to be sure,” she said. “I [am also] very much excited by the prospect of bringing together and advancing the kind of work I’ve done at Williams.”

Tan, a chemistry and biology major, plans to study genetics and microbiology. “I would like to get a Masters and travel around a lot,” he said. “I plan to see as much of Europe and beyond as possible,” he said. He plans to concentrate his studies on cell development and cell signaling.

The Office of the Dean of the College also awarded the Martin-Wilson Fellowship to Julie Joosten ’02. The Martin-Wilson Fellowships enables a graduating senior to study two years at Worcester College, Oxford University, England. This award is given to the senior who is selected “after the manner of Rhodes scholarships, with special attention to leadership, scholastic attainment and physical vigor.”

“I’m thrilled and honored to have received the fellowship and am looking forward to studying for two years in England,” Joosten said.

The Donovan-Moody Fellowship takes into consideration a student’s “character, need of assistance, and promises of original and creative work.” The fellowship allows a student to study for two years at Exeter College, Oxford University.

This year the Dean’s Office awarded the fellowship to Katherine Desormeau ’02. She will work towards her Master’s Degree in European Literature with a focus on 19th and 20th century Russian Literature.

Desormeau says she is eager and excited to confront the challenges that await her at Oxford University.

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