Misperception of interest in architecture

I would like to correct a misperception that I feel was conveyed in your article regarding travel fellowships. My quotes were taken slightly out-of-context and skewed the relative importance of various parts of my trip. Although I had some terrific experiences as an “uber-tourist,” the most important part, and the one that there was only a scant passing reference to, was my academic project that got me over there in the first place. My inquiry into the cross-cultural representations of Islamic architecture, along with a reflection on Islamic architecture’s cosmology depictions, was a project that I have been interested in ever since I lived in Spain from 1989-1991. My current interest was sparked by Professor William Darrow, a fantastic professor who is away on leave this year. That fact happens to be the reason why I envy the first years through juniors; he is a wonderful, committed teacher and I highly recommend taking a class with him.

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