Agenda for International Club

We were all shocked and saddened by the events of Sept. 11. Our empathy goes to all those who lost relatives, friends, or acquaintances in the terrible disaster. Sept. 11 was, is and forever will be on our minds. However, it is our hope that sanity and wisdom will prevail and that this kind of tragedy will not happen again.

We are convinced that every student of Williams, American or international, condemns acts of terrorism, no matter how or where they take place. We are against incitement of ethnic hatred, violence and war. We all want to live in a peaceful, free, and unified world.

We shall start here…

Williams international students hail from about 30 different countries. The overall foreign student enrollment reaches seven percent, or about 140 international students.

As a side note, the average international student is five thousand miles away from home. Many of these students have no close relatives in the U.S., while being in this country for the first time. Most of them are not native English speakers.

Nevertheless, they pretty much all succeed. Why? Not only because they are strong individuals, but also because Williams is such an inspiring and supportive community.

The International Club (IC) is concerned with the support and enhancement of the international community of Williams. It also seeks to create a shared understanding amongst international and American students at Williams. The club is open to all Williams students, regardless of nationality, religion or any other personal preference, and it organizes events throughout the year such as the International Students’ Orientation, and the International Peer Project as well as movie nights, soccer game showings, trips and community service work.

One of IC’s goals is to provide support for its international student members. We realize that during the first year students can be vulnerable, facing a new culture, environment and a foreign language.

The I-Peer Project assigns a pair of international upperclassmen to four or five international freshmen. There are 30 international freshmen students this year, assigned to six pairs of advisors.

I-Peers have volunteered to:

Meet their respective freshmen on a (bi)weekly basis in the Snack Bar.

Be available for freshmen to contact them at any time throughout the year through phone and email.

Complement the JA program by closely communicating and cooperating with respective JAs and offering help and advice on “international-specific” problems and questions freshmen might have.

Encourage the freshmen to reach out to the Williams community by participating in various cultural, social, sport and academic activities offered at Williams.

We are proud to announce the annual International Week celebration during the first week of October. These special days are meant to convey to the whole Williams community a message of unity, peace and tolerance, a message that is the very raison d’être of the international population on campus and the very scope of our club.

We work hard every year to provide the Williams community with seven days of entertainment and education about our respective countries, cultures and beliefs. This year is, for obvious reasons, a very important one for all of us and this is an additional reason why we have tried to choose the right events, with appropriate topics, timing and places.

We have a number of interesting events organized throughout the week including lectures, a live soccer game showing, a performance night, am International Fair (presentations of our respective countries), the Chinese Moon Festival and a movie night. All our events are open to the entire Williamstown community, so feel free to bring your friends and/or members of your family.

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