Women’s rugby drops heartbreaker to Wesleyan, 65-10

In what head coach Gina Coleman described as the team’s “final lesson for the season,” the Williams Women’s Rugby Football Club (WWRFC) fell to Wesleyan 65-10.

Though the day highlighted the kinks that still need to be worked out of the WWRFC’s game, several standouts on the team proved that all is not lost for the White Dawgs as they enter the heart of their season.

Rookie sensations Johanna “Forget Softball” Rodriguez ’04 and Carly “Want Some Flip-Flops?” Massey ’04 brought mad hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills from the softball field to the rugby pitch.

Rodriguez scored on the first two tries of her rugby career; the first off a weak-side play and the second after an incredible run up the field.

Both Massey and Rodriguez had amazing tackles, awesome runs, and their future on the WWRFC looks bright.

Several returning players had terrific games as well.  The ever-sexy scrummies – hair accessories of pre-wrap and tape in tow – had incredible wheels, which involves rotating the opposing scrum past 90 in order to force a turnover.

Flanker Virginia “Why Wasn’t I Born a Redneck?” Despard ’02 was a tackling machine, and had several incredible runs where the opposing team just could not get their hands on her.

Winger Tamika “Gossip Queen” Murray ’03 had excellent runs as well, in which she brushed off would-be tacklers as if they were flies.

After the A-side game, the Killer B’s took to the pitch and emerged victorious in a 15-0 win. The team worked well together, but were held scoreless in the first half.

During the second half, the B’s stepped up and took names. Beautiful runs by Izzy “Pissy” Stone ’05, Emily “Speedy” Throop ’04, Nigina “Where’s My Shirt” Turnbull ’04 and Dee “I Think I’m So Fast” Brown ’04 set the tone, while tries by Despard, Massey and Kelsey “Watch Me Run Right By You” Peterson ’03 showed off the ability of each to sprint in and touch the ball down.

Denise “I Will Pound You” Nunes ’05, Angelica “I Like ‘Em Salty” Rodriguez ’05, and Vicki “Deuce” Bock ’04 brought some toughness to the pitch as they showed the meek Wesleyan B’s who should rule the pitch.

The WWRFC will look to step up its game in the Purple Valley against Smith College this Saturday at 11 a.m.

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