WCFM season kickoff

This Sunday, students found two worthwhile reasons to neglect their work and kick back on Baxter lawn: the beautiful weather and the WCFM 91.9 Blastoff. As per tradition, the campus radio station launched another year of programming by setting up the speakers on Chapin steps and pumping music right into the heart of the frosh quad. As always, there was a huge purple rocket that the DJ’s launched in the middle of the lawn.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Blastoff is a great way to get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts,” said Andrew Mitchell ’02, WCFM General Manager, who presided over the whole affair. He added, “What other organization on campus has the gall to launch a seven-foot rocket from the middle of Baxter lawn? Basically, WCFM is about two things, music and explosives.”

With his pocket full of rockets and his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, Mitchell epitomizes the cool disposition of a WCFM DJ.

Mid-afternoon, the music stopped and the DJs led a countdown from 10 to zero. Then, with a purple majesty only present at Williams College, the WCFM’s logo-studded rocket soared into the wide blue yonder. It reached its apex with a pop, releasing its parachute and tumbling carelessly back down to earth. There were cheers and applause, and once again, the music commenced.

WCFM 91.9 is a freeform station that plays all types of music without having to adhere to playlists, music industry bigwigs or the whims of current popular taste. Campus listeners can hear the combination of new and old sounds from DJs like Josh Feit ’03. “My radio show is great for introducing people to the music I love,” he said. “Today is even better because I have two large speakers pointed straight into the frosh quad. I hope Blastoff will give me a chance to convert even more followers, er, listeners.”

One of those listener-devotees is Navin Pal ’03, who ventured all the way from the Greylock Quad just to recline on the grass and enjoy the melodies: “I love WCFM 91.9 and listen all the time. It’s a beautiful day to sit outside and listen to music. Thank you, WCFM.”

Throughout the afternoon first-years wandered out of their dorms to check out the free CD’s and T-shirts at the DJ table. Luckily, Rolando Garcia ’02, WCFM Personnel Director, was waiting to pounce, tiger-like, upon the music-loving frosh, giving them the low-down on the process that leads to a weekly radio show and eventual campus stardom.

Noreen Khawaja ’04, WCFM Program Director, and one of the event coordinators summed up the day with a familiar catch phrase: “It’s good for the little people.”

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