A look at Mark Berman

Position at Williams: Director, Networks and Systems

Commonly know through: General Importance, E-mails regarding the Williams Network

Opinion of former boss when job at Williams was offered? “That’s a really good offer, you should take it seriously.”

How he spent his summer vacation?

“It’s all up on the Web”

-Upgrading and rewiring the Williams Network

-One week jumping off rocks into the ocean

Any strange rumors regarding him? “Some student told me last year that there was a rumor that I didn’t exist.”

Usual Response to e-mail updates? “Most people are grateful to be informed.”

Ever received threats? “Not in a while.”

Ever feel pain when shutting down or turning on the Williams Network? “Sure, I guess you could say that, both.”

Allotted “discretionary time” with the Williams Network? No.

Favorite Websites: Google, Amazon

Williams Students’ favorite websites: Does not know.

Memorable moment:

Several years ago, the network was infected with a virus that took weeks to remove. To prevent such problems in the future, Office of Information Technology installed a program that scanned all incoming data for viruses. “Students went out on the web and read the manual – basically, the online material regarding this piece of software – and got very upset that it had the capability of logging all of the websites that they went to. They felt it was a violation of their privacy. . .we didn’t care about that, we weren’t looking at the logging capabilities, that’s not what we were interested in, but that’s what the students focused on.”

Opinion on Napster and other file sharing programs: Has heard and considered the arguments, feels use is stealing from artists.

Opinion on video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hooting like a monkey: “I didn’t learn anything new.”

Total Williams Bandwidth: 12 Mbps.

Quality of Brisket: “I make an excellent Brisket.”

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