Bush more suited for the highest office

As late night comedians have made us painfully aware, neither of our presidential candidates are perfect – or, for the matter, in the general vicinity of perfect.

Al Gore is uninspiring; in fact, Al Gore is one of the most uninspiring people to run for public office in recent memory. Gore also has problems telling the truth and obeying the laws (“there was no controlling legal authority”). George W. Bush will never be mistaken for a genius. He pronounces “subliminal” as “subliminable.” He told the media he was happy that so many young people were supporting his campaign; his campaign had been, he said, “youthinized.” He approved the trade of Sammy Sosa from the Rangers.

Of the four men on the two tickets, many people would agree that Dick Cheney is the best candidate for Ppresident. Many others would argue that Joe Lieberman is most qualified – as much as I used to like Lieberman, the way he has exploited his religion and sold out to Gore’s views on major issues has made him far less appealing in my eyes.

All that being said, the United States is faced with the choice of Bore or Gush for president, and, given their faults, Bush is by far the best choice. As Bush has pointed out on numerous occasions, Clinton and Gore have had eight years to fix social security, reform health care and improve the education. They have not. As the situations in the Middle East and aboard the U.S.S. Cole clearly show, the foreign policy of Clinton and Gore has failed and the military is clearly not at an appropriate level of readiness. Four more years of the current administration will not do anything to solve these problems. President Bush would.

There are five reasons to cast a ballot for Governor Bush on Nov. 7:

Social Security. Up until this year, social security was called the third rail of politics. If you touch it, you’re toast. Bush was unfazed by this conventional wisdom and touched the rail – in showing leadership abilities worth of a president in addressing one of the most important issues of our time. Bush’s plan is based on solid economic policy, similar to plans previously proposed by Democratic Senators Bob Kerrey and Daniel Patrick Moynihan. It protects current retirees while allowing younger workers a way of increasing their benefits privately.

The Gore camp has responded to this proposal through scare tactics. It claims that the market is to volatile to risk one’s savings on. However, it ignores the fact that at no point in United States history – not even during the Great Depression – has the stock market failed to provide higher returns than social security currently does.

Bush’s views on social security have shown him to be a leader capable of taking on important issues, building bipartisan support and, most importantly, trusting the American people.

Taxes. The government has no money of its own. Everything it spends is money it takes from the people. Rather than using its surplus to provide more wasteful federal programs, the government should return the money to the people who earn it and need it.

Rather than choosing only certain people to receive the cut, and in the process creating the need for many more bureaucrats and many more loopholes to be exploited, Bush gives the cut to all people – the fair, American way of doing such things.

Education. If the word elegant can ever be used to describe Bush, education is the issue where he is so. Though he probably isn’t elegant, he is certainly passionate about the subject.

Bush’s proposal adds an element to education that is necessary to inspire excellence – accountability. Schools, and children, are tested each year. If a child is not where he should be, Bush’s proposal will allow him to get the help that he needs.

Further, schools have incentive to educate the children they take on as, if they don’t, the government will help parents pay for a school that will.

Defense. Dick Cheney. Colin Powell. Both men will be involved in a Bush presidency, and this is all that needs be said about defense, but I’ll say more.

Let’s look at the U.S.S. Cole situation. An American warship is sent to a foreign port – not any foreign port, but the port of a country that, like North Korea and Iraq, is a known sponsor of terrorism. Why was it refueling here? Because the downsized Navy didn’t have a refueling ship available for the Cole. Not only would a Bush administration not support such ridiculous situations, but Bush has also supported common sense measures such as reducing the U.S. nuclear arsenal and providing missile defense technology.

Character. Not only does Bush trust the people, but also the people can trust him. The same cannot be said for vice president Gore. While the gravity of the fundraising scandals involving Gore has been minimized by Clinton’s scandals, they are still important.

Gore has proven that he is willing to say anything or do anything to win. Whether that be joining hands with Al Sharpton, New York’s vicious racist, or raising money from Buddhist monks, Al Gore has not handled himself in a manner that is consistent with what we should expect of our politicians.

Governor Bush has proven that he deserves the American presidency. He has common sense policy proposals that rely on the government trusting the people. He has shown an ability to unite across party lines on vital issues, such as social security. Most importantly, he is the only candidate who has conducted himself in a manner consist with an American president. For these reasons, I urge you to vote for Governor Bush and Dick Cheney on Nov. 7.

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