Artsopinion: Thai Restaurant just ok

I have eaten at the Thai restaurant no fewer than six times since school began and have come to the conclusion that it’s just not very good. I came to this decision after making a list of things I liked and things I did not.


*Nice to have a new restaurant on Spring Street

*The new restaurant is not only new, but ethnic

*Halloween decorations in window – shows that new ethnic owners are doing best to assimilate to our American holidays

*The satays, Goi See Mee, and Pad Thai are good

*Free lollipops/Tootsie Rolls

*Thai iced tea/coffee sure is tasty on a hot day

*Uniformed waitstaff does good job keeping water glasses filled

*The flirtatious young male waiter

*Next door to Goff’s – convenient if situation arises where athletic garb is needed

*Bathrooms are well kept

*Attractive garnish/hostess

*“Prik Pow”


*Spring rolls are tiny

*Servings are generally not big enough

*Waiter keeps forgetting to bring my Thai iced coffee

*Chicken/Beef is sometimes a little tough and/or funny tasting

*Spicy tofu dish came with exactly six pieces of tofu

*D̩cor and uniformed waitstaff makes me think of colonial Vietnam Рis depressing

*Atmosphere a bit stuffy – difficult to “hang out” and/or “chill”

*Prices are not exactly high, but they’re certainly not low either

*Seaweed salad is no good at all

*Too many water chestnuts

*Closes too early – should remain open until 4am

*Too many professors – have to be careful

As you can see, there are just as many as “Pros” as there are “Cons.” However, some of the cons, like the fact that portions are too small, are rather important and count maybe five or six times. I would rather finish a meal stomach brimming with pork and sodium than staring at an empty plate and decorative carrot-flower, attractive as it may be. My Asian comrades-in-arms, do not forsake the Williamstown eating public an extra handful of noodles or five or six more piddling tofu chunks. Do this and you will have more than our cash on the table – you will have our hearts there also.

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